Saturday Smile: Pulling Your Weight

The other day when a few of the grandkids were visiting, Mylee came up to me and told me that Alastair had asked her to bring him a glass of water with ice. “Can you help me, Nana?” she asked me.

I helped her get the water for Alastair, wondering how that whole transaction came about. A few minutes later, she came back with her fist in a ball and a big smile on her face.

“Alastair paid me a quarter for getting him water,” she said, opening her fist and showing me the quarter. I was going to demand my twelve-and-a-half cents, but decided to take the high road.

When Mylee’s dad came to pick her up, as they walked to the car, she proudly showed him the quarter she had earned.

“I’m bringing some money into our family,” she told her dad.

Mylee quarter 2016

Well, it’s about time.

Have a great weekend.

One thought on “Saturday Smile: Pulling Your Weight

  1. It worked. That story made me smile and laugh out loud. It sounds like Alastair had quite a conversation with Mylee!

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