Saturday Smile: We Gather Together

These past couple of days have been days of gathering for Bill and me. Thursday night, the men of the McLain family got together for a well-deserved Boys’ Night. Since my sisters and I frequently gather for Girls’ Night, I was darn happy they got such a great opportunity. And how better to gather than at a baseball game? And, better yet, the Rockies beat the Phillies 11-2. Alastair, Bill, Dave, and Allen had a great time…..

Bill Dave Alastair Allen 2016

And yesterday I had lunch with two of my closest buddies from the days when I worked hard for a living. Mark Gallegos and Dave Martinez and I try to get together at least a couple of times a year. While we used to talk about politics, now we talk about grandkids. Times, they are a changin’…..

Tres Amigos 2

Gatherings with family and friends will always make me smile.

Have a great weekend.

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