Saturday Smile: Giddy-Up!

Yesterday I planned on cooking at home, maybe throwing something on the grill. Instead, we took an unexpected trip downtown to visit a friend in the hospital. It’s good for me to go downtown on occasion because I’m always amazed at how things change so much in this part of Denver with which I used to be so familiar. Now I rarely leave my south side peeps.

bastiens After visiting my friend (who could use prayers if you feel so inclined), Bill and I decided to venture to a restaurant called Bastien’s. Bastien’s has been around in some iteration since the 1930s, but became Bastien’s Restaurant in 1958. I’m pretty sure they haven’t changed the décor since then, and I, for one, am glad of it.

I love me a good steak house.

Bill and I enjoyed our steaks and cocktails, and continued to laugh at a story that my friend had told us just an hour before while visiting her. Bastien’s, you see, is one of her and her husband’s favorite restaurants. And there is just something about being in an old-fashioned steak house that makes you want to drink an old-fashioned cocktail. No strawberry-mango margarita, thank you very much.

So she ordered a gin martini, up with olives. He ordered a Rob Roy.

A Rob Roy is an old-fashioned cocktail similar to a Manhattan, but made instead with Scotch. Like the Manhattan, it was created in the late 1800s, but became popular in the early part of the 20th century, back when stemmed drinking glasses became a thing.

They sat back and waited for their drinks. When they came, they had a bit of a surprise. My friend’s drink was a Darn Good Martini. Her husband’s drink, however, was not in a cocktail glass, but instead was in a tall glass, with an orange and a maraschino cherry. Well, he began becoming a bit concerned, but Rob Roys also have maraschino cherries….

One sip gave him his answer. The server, a young woman who wasn’t even a gleam in her mother’s and father’s eyes when the Rob Roy had been invented, had served him a Roy Rogers. In case you don’t know, a Roy Rogers is a Shirley Temple testoteroned up by using Coke instead of ginger ale.

Roy Rogers on the left; Rob Roy on the right. Giddy-Up.

Roy Rogers on the left; Rob Roy on the right. Giddy-Up.

Cheers! And have a good weekend.