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Swim With the Fishes

Kaiya Zierk

This photo was taken a year ago. Now Kaiya’s swim cap and swim suit are much more conservative!

As I have mentioned several times in the past week or so, swimming is my new life, and I’m glad for it. All of my granddaughters are part of their respective swim teams, and I love to watch them practice in the mornings. The nearby grandkids swim in a pool that is walking distance, so I love to walk over and watch one or two of them as they practice their different strokes over and over and over again. Yesterday morning I took Kaiya and Mylee to their swim team practice, and it was fun to see them perform as well. Swimming, as you may or may not know, is a skill that I never learned. I mentioned this at dinner recently at Beckie’s house, and her son Erik and his family were present. Erik said to me, “Oh, so learning to swim is on your bucket list, huh?” Oh. My. Heavens. NO. NO. NO. I am perfectly content not knowing how to swim. Going to Israel = Bucket List. Learning to swim = No Bucket List.

One-Two-Three, Eyes on Me
As I said, yesterday I watched Kaiya’s and Mylee’s swim team practice for the first time. Mylee has improved by leaps and bounds since I saw her swim (or actually, not swim) last. She now is considerably less afraid of the water. According to her mother, she had gotten to the point of swimming actual strokes, but the change to a new teacher has set her back a bit. She will undoubtedly rebound. But Kaiya displayed her first-born tendencies yesterday (and yes, I realize she has an older sibling, but I think a 14-year age difference gives her permission to behave like a first-born child). The teachers gave their instructions (practice dolphin kicks), and while the other kids threw an occasional dolphin kick, they would mostly mess around while the teachers’ heads were turned. Not Kaiya. She dutifully practiced her dolphin kicking to the point where she could out-kick Flipper.

Catching My Breath
And speaking of swimming (and then I’ll stop, at least for this post), Addie’s mother got a message late on Friday as to what events the kids would participate in the next day at their swim meet. So Addie didn’t learn until late that night that her coach had signed her up to swim in the 400 meter race. 400 meters. That’s sixteen times across the length of the pool. Her mother admitted to me later that she was seriously afraid and sad for her. I didn’t get to see Addie swim that event, but she apparently tackled it was aplomb and finished the race with a smile. I wouldn’t have been smiling. At the same meet, Dagny raced the 100 meter freestyle. The buzzer went off and she dove into the pool. Immediately upon impact, her goggles fell off. So she swam 100 meters with her eyes closed. Yes, she had a bit of a time staying on point. Nevertheless, she ended up with a fourth-place ribbon. My grandkids are gamers!

Beat Me Up, Scotty
Shortly after I planted my (extremely small) garden a few weeks ago, we got a hail storm that put a bit of a hurt on some of my plants. My petunias fared pretty well, because petunias thumb their little petunia noses at all kinds of iniquity. My two pepper plants look a bit worse for wear, but I think they will make it. My cherry tomato seems to be recovering, but my Better Boy tomato was not really getting better. So yesterday I pulled it out by the roots, dug a bigger hole, put an egg in the bottom of the hole (something I did last year but forgot to do this year, and last year’s crop was phenomenal), and planted a tomato that was at least twice as big as the one that bit the dust. Now I will just keep my fingers crossed. We are in that June Colorado pattern of sunny mornings, stormy afternoons and late clearing skies. The storms can produce hail, but I hope it won’t.

tomato plant 2016

Happy Spring, Mom
Every year when I plant my flowers, I think of my mom. I especially think of her when I plant my geraniums, because she always, ALWAYS had red geraniums in her summer garden. This time of year, my Snow in the Summer are in bloom, and I think they are beautiful. And my columbine just couldn’t be prettier. Spring makes me happy.

flowers 2016


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  1. We raise 12 to 16 tomato plants every year. The egg thing is new to me. I presume you break the egg ? Pardon my ignorance 😜

  2. My kids are 6 years apart (not on purpose) so I feel like I have two first born. Actually the youngest acts like a first born/baby of the family – a very interesting combo.

    Do you put a raw egg into the hole or just egg shells? I have never heard of a raw egg as fertilizer. But if it works, it works, right?

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