Saturday Smile: Feel the Love

Alastair speech 5.16 (2)When we arrived at Alastair’s continuation ceremony on Thursday, we were surprised to learn that he was selected to be one of the speakers. Each teacher (and there were three) chose one of their students to reflect on their experiences at the school. No surprise to anyone that Alastair did a magnificent job.

His sisters Dagny and Maggie Faith were given permission to leave their respective classrooms and watch their brother’s ceremony. It was quite hot, and there was no shelter from the sun.

Following Alastair’s speech, and just prior to the diploma ceremony, Dagny told her mom she was going back to her classroom. “You don’t want to see your brother get his diploma?” his mother asked. “No,” she replied. “It’s too hot.”

Off she went. A few minutes later, she comes back. Her mom was happy to see her. “You decided you wanted to see him get his diploma?” she asked.

“No,” Dagny admitted. “But on my way back to the classroom, I saw there was cake in the gym for afterwards.”

What you will do for a piece of cake!

Bill Kris Alastair 6.16

Have a great weekend.

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