Saturday Smile: Boris Karloff?

The other day, Bill was messing around with his old Ford Escape (which serves as our second car while in AZ). He rolled down all of the windows in order to be able to hear something he wanted to hear when the engine was running. When he attempted rolling the windows back up, one of them — the back passenger window — refused to budge. He spent a long time trying to fix it, but finally gave up. Well, being Bill, he didn’t give up altogether; he only gave up until he can get a new part. He proceeded to order said part.

“Tell Mark and Maggie that I am having the part sent to their house,” he instructed me. As you will recall, we are heading back to Denver; however, we will return for one week late in May so that Bill can finish up his dental work here. And apparently fix his car.

I asked him the name of the company from which the part would come.

“Discount Auto Body Parts,” he told me.

Here is what my text said….Bill ordered something¬†from Discount Body Parts. He had it sent to your house. Hope that’s okay.

It wasn’t until later that I noticed what my text said. The funny thing is, neither Mark nor Maggie said a word. Apparently Bill’s hobbies are so random and unpredictable that it didn’t surprise them a bit that he was busily re-creating Frankenstein’s monster in our back yard. Or maybe fiddling with organ transplants. You never know with Bill McLain.

bill in mask 2015 - Copy

Have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Boris Karloff?

  1. After Bill baked and decorated a Bronco themed cake including homemade fondant nothing would surprise me either!

  2. Too funny! I am always backspacing and retyping while I text. My son, on the other hand, never seems to miss a stroke and is extremely fast.

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