Thursday thoughts

And Then There Were None
Earlier this week we went to check on our mockingbird friends and discovered they were gone. They had flown the coop! Or the nest, really. All that was left was a few twigs that gave a nod to a nest having ever been there. I don’t know the status of the Mockingbird family, but I saw no birds carcasses. So, in my world, they are enjoying their new lives. Born free, as free as the wind blows…..

Hashtag I’m Worn Out
I babysat for Austin and Lilly last night, and those two DID ME IN. It was like they smelled weakness. I wasn’t there a half hour before they had pulled all of the cushions off of the sofa and we’re doing something that was a combination of trampolines and hide ‘n seek. At one point Austin said (and I quote), “Hashtag, I know I can do this,” as he prepared to place Lilly under one of the cushions and jump on it from the sofa. And I’m not kidding about the “hashtag.” I managed to head that one off at the pass. I thought it would be simple to put the cushions back, but since it is a sectional, it was like a crossword puzzle. And here is the point at which I knew I had lost all control…..
austin lilly shirts
Yesterday Bill and I made a trip to Goodwill to get rid of stuff we had been piling up in our little den. That made room for us to begin piling other stuff that we will be taking back to Denver with us at the end of next week. We really try to be at the point where we don’t have to transfer a lot of stuff back and forth, but we never fail to have a car full when we pull out of our driveway, either direction.

Some like it Hot
My granddaughter Kaiya has been studying the desert in her social studies class (or whatever they call it when you’re in second grade). The grand finale was a diorama featuring some aspects of desert life about which they have been studying. She and I have been discussing her studies for the past month or so, so she was proud to show me her project….
kaiya diarama

I was a little surprised at the Bactrian camel, but I had to remind myself that there are more deserts than simply the Sonoran Desert in which I have lived for the past four months. I think she did a great job.


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  1. That picture of my grands is funny. Their faces do appear to be tottering on the naughty side. This was likely your last gig with them for this spring and you three went out with a bang. 🎉
    Kaiya’s diorama is awesome!

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