Thursday Thoughts

The first thing I did upon returning to our AZ house was check on the status of Mrs. Mockingbird. There she was, still patiently sitting on the nest in our front yard tree. It’s a good thing her brain is about the size of a dime because otherwise she would go mad and drown her eggs in a bathtub. As for me, I can’t wait until the eggs hatch. A couple of years ago some mockingbird eggs hatched in that same tree. We weren’t here for the hatching, but by time we arrived, the birds were being delicately persuaded to leave the nest by the mommy bird. There was drama, drama, drama as the little birds tried to fend for themselves. A couple of them were unsuccessful, I’m sorry to say.

Kaiya and Papa 4.16

Papa gets a kiss from Kaiya.

It was fun to see all of our grandkids. All of them are very affectionate, full of love, and give hugs easily (well, Alastair has to be persuaded a bit). The evening of Alastair’s birthday dinner, we stayed a bit after taking him back home. They were all watching something really funny on YouTube called Kid Snippits (watch it if you have a chance!). Before you know it, Addie was lying on the couch using Bill as her pillow. MELT. Dagny came up on five or six occasions and just put her arms around my legs. MELT. One afternoon when I was getting ready to leave after babysitting Cole, he came up to me with his shoes in hand, wanting to come with me. I crouched down and told him that Nana had to go bye bye and that he couldn’t come this time. He dropped his shoes and came up and put his arms around me and rested his head on my shoulder. MELT. Cole with lei 4.16The first day we saw all of the kids, I was sitting on the outdoor swing late in the afternoon. Kaiya came and sat by me. She sighed and said, “This feels so good.” MELT.

Class of ‘72
My high school class was particularly close. I attended a Catholic school from kindergarten through 12th grade, and many of my classmates were with me the entire time. Because of this, we have gathered as a class every five years since we graduated in 1972. I haven’t missed a single one. I can’t remember if it was the 10 year reunion or the 15 year reunion, but sometime around then, the person putting the reunion together noted in the invite that the songs which we made out to, played at high volume on our car radios, danced to, and requested on the radio were now being played as background music – MUZAK essentially – in the grocery stores. It was true. This thought came back to me yesterday while getting some groceries at Fryes Market.

This is Nana about the time See You in September was being played on the radio!

This is Nana about the time See You in September was being played on the radio!

Playing over the intercom was See You in September by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I’m quite used to hearing some of our old favorites as I shop. However, for whatever reason, I was unable to NOT sing along with this song. I tried not moving my lips and just humming, but pretty soon I was singing it out loud again. I was quite embarrassed until I walked past a man about my age singing the song just like me. Here is a link so that you can sing it as well. I’ll bet you can’t help yourself.

And Speaking of the Grocery Store….
It is the first part of April, and I have noticed that the so-called Winter Visitors are quietly diminishing. Apparently many stay through Easter, and then make their way home to work on taxes and get their yards ready for summers in Illinois or Minnesota or Nebraska or, well, Colorado. This time of year is kind of nice here in AZ because while it’s still not too terribly hot, you can suddenly find a place to park at the grocery store, get into restaurants without a 45 minute wait, or find a seat in church more easily. It won’t be long and Bill and I will be heading home too.


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  1. Singing along while shopping is kid’s play, Kris. It won’t be long until you’ll croon like Bing Crosby to the menopause melodies while riding the elevator. 😳

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