And Finally, There’s This….

Today is our grandson Alastair’s 11th birthday. Shortly after I post his blog, we will see him (and his sisters) very quickly in the morning before they leave for school to say goodbye. We are heading back to the desert for one more month or so.

As the kids get older, birthdays change. In some ways it’s easier to figure out what to get them; in others, it’s harder. But the change in season means a new sport for the grands (in his case, baseball), so a gift card to Sports Authority was the perfect answer. He was so happy with the card that he wanted to go out shopping Sunday night. At 8 p.m. His persuasive skills didn’t work. Spring break ended Sunday and it was back to school on Monday.

Bill and I had a spectacular evening on Sunday night. We took Alastair out for a birthday dinner. As one of four, he doesn’t get a ton of alone time with any of the grandparents, so we all had fun. But what made it even more special is that of all my grandkids, Alastair is the one who LOVES good food. He loves to cook it. He loves to talk about it. He loves to eat it. And his meal of choice will always — ALWAYS — be fish or seafood.

I offered him his choice of restaurant. He chose Pappadeaux, a Cajun seafood restaurant not too far from our house. Bill and I ordered a glass of wine, and Alastair ordered a fancy before-meal drink that consisted of lemonade and strawberry syrup. He considered the hibiscus lemonade, but he wasn’t quite that brave. He asked the server what hibiscus tasted like. She was kind of vague, but I think the term “floral” was the nail in the coffin for the hibiscus lemonade.

The menu was quite large, and he carefully studied it. After much consideration he finally made his choice. Seared salmon with a spicy Cajun sauce and topped with scallops and shrimp. He ate every bite. And I mean EVERY BITE. When I asked him if he wanted the 7 oz. or the 11 oz., he considered carefully, and chose the 7 oz. “I want room for dessert,” he said.

Because it was his birthday, he got his choice of dessert on the house. They have something like 600 selections of every dessert under the sun. After it was all said and done, he chose cheesecake. His Papa, by the way, chose a big honking brownie cut in half with a layer of caramel holding the two pieces together. For the record, Alastair insisted that we sing him Happy Birthday, and he gave great consideration to the wish before he blew out the candle.

papa nana alastair pappadeux

Papa, Alastair, Nana, and the cheesecake and the brownie.

So today he turns 11. I think of all my grandkids, he’s the one I’m most excited to see what he becomes.

Now it’s back to the desert!

4 thoughts on “And Finally, There’s This….

    • You know Alastair. Man, did he enjoy the food. He was picking at little bits of shrimp and scallop until she finally came and took his plate!

  1. I love that story! You inspired me for the next round of grand birthdays (we just finished for this year). Although they are not as old as Alastair yet, I can still “up my game” next year.
    I am sending birthday wishes to him from New England.

    • For another granddaughter, I took her and a friend out to lunch at Smashburger and then treated her to Jump Street. It is an easy answer to what to get them for their birthdays,

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