Thursday Thoughts

Last Thursday I mentioned that Bill had been trimming the tree in our front yard when he encountered a mother bird sitting on her nest entirely nonplussed by his noisy activity and apparently not fearing for her life (or at least willing to give up her life for her baby). I subsequently heard from our daughter Heather who wondered whether or not her dad had given the bird a reprieve or went ahead and cut the limb. I assured her that he left the limb alone in the manner of St. Francis of Assisi. And as an update, Mother Mockingbird is still guarding the nest with great determination. I have seen another bird (that I presume is her egg daddy) bringing Mama M. food. She turns around occasionally, but doesn’t seem to ever leave her nest.

Dropping In
For the past couple of years, I have traveled from Arizona back to Denver for a few days in February or so to allegedly check on our house, but secretly to get hugs and kisses from some of our grandkids. This year I thought I might forgo that trip because of the almost-one-week that I spent in the hospital in January. I felt as though I had already lost a week here because of that hospital visit. But alas, I recently began being homesick, and because it looks like we may be staying here longer than usual for a variety of reasons, I decided a trip home was in the cards after all. Therefore, I am leaving today for Denver and returning to Arizona on Tuesday. My plan is to continue the blog, but if I miss a day or two, don’t panic. No health issues; just fun times with my grandkids. As it happens, Bill decided at the last minute to come as well. It’s a party!

Indiana Jones Jr.
Here is the latest in my Etsy shop – Nanas Whimsies Shop. I have to share because I think it’s too cute for words. It is a Panama hat for toddlers up to small boys. The circumference is about 23-1/2 inches. The hat is made out of 100 percent cotton, so it will be cooler in the summer, and the perfect way to protect a little boy from the sun. I loved making it, and I think it turned out so cute.

baby panama hat

Ham it Up!
I sent a lot of my leftover ham home with my Easter guests. We ate green beans and ham for dinner night before last (along with wilted lettuce and macaroni and Swiss cheese; a veritable feast). Yesterday morning we had scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. And now I’m done. The remaining scraps are going in the garbage and I won’t make another ham until next Easter. Put a fork in it.

Sweets for the Sweets
I gave up sweets for Lent. For 40 days and 40 nights (or so) I thought about what would be my first sweet thing to eat on Easter morning. I craved ice cream. I had those Girl Scout cookies in my freezer. Bill brought out my big box of chocolates that he bought me for Valentine’s Day. But my first sweet? A donut from Basha’s, filled with Bavarian cream and iced in rich chocolate. Was it good? Oh, yes.


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  1. It’s a good thing I read your blog! I was unaware that Bill would be in attendance at the princess party. Now we’ll have two prince in attendance!

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