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What Would Wilma Do?
One time, not too long ago, a friend of mine posted something on Facebook that made me laugh and nod. It said I went to Target and only bought the one thing that was on my list, said no one, ever. And isn’t that the truth? Any time I go into Target, I come out with a multitude of things that I wasn’t aware I couldn’t live without prior to going in. My most recent example? I went to Target to buy a potato peeler and came out with a 6 qt. crock pot. What the heck? Well, my old one was, um, dirty. Seriously, the old one had been purchased back in the mid-70s. It worked perfectly fine, but it was the wrong shape. I guess back in those days the only thing crock pots were used for was stews or soups. I wanted to fit my corned beef into the pot and I would have had to fold it over. Which, of course, would have worked, as it has worked for every St. Patrick’s Day since I purchased it in the late 70s. But now I have a shiny new one, and my old one is going to join its crowd of lookalikes at Goodwill.

M is for the Million Things She Gave Me
The other day, Bill was working on the blasted acacia tree in the front yard. You know, the tree with which he is in a constant battle? If it isn’t pods, it’s beebleberries. If it isn’t beebleberries, the pods are back. Anyway, he was trimming the tree (no easy task because in addition to pods and beebleberries, it has thorns). He told me later that he was about to cut back a branch when he noticed some eyes peering at him. There was a mother mockingbird sitting on a nest on that very branch. She didn’t say a word to him, but she didn’t move either. She was going to go down with her baby, no matter the consequences. She’s a mother, after all. I took a photo, but you have to really search to see the bird. Find the nest and then imagine the bird. She’s there, I promise. My photography also didn’t alarm her…..

bird in tree

Midget Model
You all might remember that I have a shop on Etsy in which I sell handmade items. If you don’t remember, it is Nanas Whimsies Shop. Check it out! Anyway, I recently have been making sun hats for toddlers. I asked my niece Kacy if her youngest daughter Kelsie would model one for my shop. Now if this doesn’t sell a hat or two, then I don’t know what the world is coming to….

kelsie hat (2)


A Little Something Different
The restaurant at which Bec and Bill and I dined Tuesday night at the Desert Botanical Garden (Gertrude’s) has kind of a unique spin on their food and beverages. Locally-made tequilas. Locally-grown produce and nuts. Interesting flavor combinations using spicy peppers. So I was excited to try their Cactus Cosmo, which used prickly-pear-infused vodka. Not only was it lovely, but it had a unique and absolutely delicious flavor. Well done Gertrude. Or whomever….

cosmo with prickly pear

Our granddaughter Kaiya is studying the desert in her second grade class right now. In a text I got from her yesterday morning she said, “Nana, I learned that in Arizona they have stick trees. Have you ever seen one?” Of course, I need more information than that, but I suspect she is referring to the ocotillo tree. It is one of my favorite Arizona plants. When dormant, they look absolutely DEAD. And then in the spring, they start sprouting little green leaves. Their big hurrah is right about now when they sprout beautiful orange blossoms. I would love to have an ocotillo tree, but our co-owner (my sister Jen), who doesn’t put her foot down about much, has put her food down about planting an ocotillo tree. “They look like something from out of space.” What do you think?….

ocotillo flower


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