Thursday Thoughts

One Dollah
About a year ago or so, the Family Dollar store near us became a Dollar Tree. I think this change transpired because Dollar Tree bought out Family Dollar. Doesn’t matter. I have talked before on this blog about how much I love Dollar Tree stores for certain things. If I’m taking food to a potluck, for example. You can get a large clear plastic bowl which looks fancy if you have macular degeneration and cataracts. But you don’t need to worry about getting that bowl back. Throw it away because how much did it cost? One dollah. Anyway, we went to our friendly neighborhood pizza place the other night which is right next door to Dollar Tree. I was amused to see that The Dollar Tree had a great big sign on the store that said GRAND OPENING. I found it funny and peculiar for two reasons. First, why, a full year later, did they decide to have the grand opening? Second, just what can a Dollar Tree offer as part of their grand opening celebration. Everything is 99 cents?

Pull Up a Trough
As I mentioned, we went to our neighborhood pizza joint and there was nobody working who was older than 20. All kids. This is particularly funny because the clientele is all people 80 or over. Seriously, Bill and I look like the youngins’.The seniors look at us like they are suspicious we just came from a rave. But the pizza is good, I promise. Anyway, the young man took our order. A large pizza (because Bill had a coupon for a free large pizza) and two drinks. At the last minute, I told him, “We will also have the Italian salad.” “Great,” he cheerfully said. “Would you like silverware with that?”

I sometimes consider doing movie reviews on my blog, perhaps in place of my Friday book review. Then I remember that we almost never go to the movies, which inhibits the ability to write reviews. But we recently DID go to the movies. We saw Risen, starring Joseph Fiennes, who I would guess might hold the record for the number of movies in which he’s starred in which he hasn’t cracked a smile. My, that man is somber. I believe the last time he smiled in a movie was in Shakespeare in Love, but that might have been gas. (Maybe this is why I don’t do movie reviews.) Anyway, the movie tells the story of a Roman tribune to whom Pontius Pilate assigns the task of finding the body of Jesus Christ following the resurrection in order to forestall a rebellion.  To try to locate Christ’s body, Clavius must connect with Jesus’ followers, who make him think, hmmmm, perhaps there is something to this story. While traveling a bit with the disciples, Clavius finally meets Jesus in person (and he had seen Jesus die on the cross with his own two eyes), sees him heal a leper, and witnesses Jesus’ ascension into heaven.  I loved the portrayal of Jesus’ followers (though Bartholomew came across as somewhat demented but Peter made up for him). I also liked actor Cliff Curtis’ portrayal of Jesus (Yeshua), a more realistic portrayal 1004841806-oh-col-rise1than the hotty actor who played Jesus in A.D. The Bible Continues. When the disciples – along with Clavius – are in the boat unsuccessfully fishing and the stranger on the shore tells them to cast the net again and they realize it is Jesus, I started to cry. The disciples were so filled with joy and love and it was well-portrayed. I recommend the movie as a good Easter outing.

I Know it Will Fit; I Saw it in a Cartoon Once
Kris nonny cart
So, you know how you get stuck in the grocery line behind those people who are rooting around for their checkbook, or who insist that the Bounty paper towels are on sale and want a price check or are paying in cash down to the penny, but the penny is at the bottom of the purse? Well, yesterday afternoon, Bill and I were THOSE PEOPLE. Bill had seen in the grocery ad that the beer he likes was on sale for some great price at Basha’s. As I mentioned before, we have a Basha’s Grocery Store a block from our house, and I nearly always walk. In fact, the only time I drive is if I am buying something that would be too heavy to carry. I have a two-wheeled grocery cart that I take over with me. I call it my Nonnie Cart because it is similar to the carts that the old ladies all over Italy use to do their daily marketing. I was going over to get the ingredients to make soup, and asked Bill if he wanted to go. Yes, he said. He was positive the beer would fit into the Nonnie Cart. Unfortunately, after all of the groceries were rung up, we began loading – or at least trying to load – the groceries into the cart. It made the most sense to put the beer in first, but we couldn’t get it to fit. And it was a 30-pack, so it was heavy. It had to go on the bottom. Bill worked and worked at trying to get it to fit. The clerk, for her pessimistic part, was insisting that there was no way it would fit. Bill kept trying. (He is nothing if not tenacious.) People are starting to speak to each other under their breaths. I think I overheard someone say where he would like to see that case of beer be placed. After much ado, Bill got it to fit. It wasn’t nice of the clerk to say, “Have a good day, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.”

The Tooth of the Matter
Bill had dental work done again this week – on Tuesday. He is getting the caps replaced on his front teeth. The dentist removed the old caps, took impressions, and put in temporary caps until he can get the permanent caps put on. So, remember he is unable to chew on one whole side of his mouth for four months from his previous oral surgery. Now he is unable to bite anything with his front teeth. In other words, he has about a half an inch of teeth that he can actually use. We will be eating a lot of soup and smoothies.


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  1. Please tell me you had a sarcastic response in a sweet voice to the person who asked you if you wanted silverware with your salad.
    When is the dental saga over for Bill? Good grief.

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