Saturday Smile: When Dinos Walked the Earth

There is a time in almost everyone’s life — somewhere around the age of 3 or 4, when they get fascinated by dinosaurs. Let’s face it. Dinosaurs are an amazing phenomenon that simply tickles our fancy. Frankly I’m still fascinated.

So when our grandson Joseph (now 6-1/2, and don’t ask me how THAT ever happened) was in the age group, he loved dinosaurs, as he still does, I think. Anyway, because of his love of these ancient creatures, when it came time to select his pajamas for Christmas, I chose pjs featuring a T-Rex.

Earlier this week, I got a text and photo from Heather telling us that 3 year old Micah has graduated into Joseph’s dinosaur pjs, and apparently wears them gladly and proudly. She sent this photo….

Micah dinosaur pjs

Since both boys have been sick, it made me purely happy to see Micah’s big smile.

Have a great weekend.