Saturday Smile: No Fair

You might have guessed correctly that the fact that I didn’t post this past week was because I was in the hospital once again. Frankly, there wasn’t a lot to smile about. But there was this….

My niece Maggie is always one of my most faithful visitors when I am forced to be in the hospital. This time was supposed to be no exception. In fact, she and her two kids — Austin, 5, and Lilly, 2, were heading over for a visit. I mentioned this to my nurse, and she said, “Oh, those kids won’t be allowed into the hospital. During flu season, children aren’t allowed to visit.”

So I called Maggie and told her to turn around because the kids wouldn’t be able to come in. She told me later that Austin was very upset, and in fact, started to cry. In between sobs, he asked his mom why he couldn’t come into the hospital. She explained that the doctors didn’t want kids who might have colds or flu to come in and make the patients sick.

“Well, those doctors are CREEPS,” was Austin’s reply. Since I could have used a cheerful kids’ visit, I quite agreed.

Here’s who I DIDN’T see while in the hospital….

Jensen7 (2)

Have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: No Fair

  1. So sorry to learn this…..on both counts. Stay well now and know you’ll be in my prayers. And Maggie’s kids missed out on a lot too. You’re right. It”s just not fair! Love you, Kris.

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