Saturday Smile: Twoferone

The other day Jen, who is here until Monday, came in the door with her grandson, 5-year-old Austin. As always, Austin was cheerful. But he was especially cheerful for two reasons: 1. He got to spend some hours at his Grammie’s house, which always delights him; and 2. She had stopped at McDonalds and got him a Happy Meal. I would like to say number 1 was his main reason for being cheerful, but, well, 2…….

Anyway, I noticed he not one, but two, beverages. He had a Sprite (always a treat) but he also had a strawberry smoothie. I asked Jen why he had two beverages. “Well, she said, the Sprite came with the Happy Meal, but he always persuades me of his dire need for a smoothie any time we go.”

Far be it from me to get between a man and his Happy Meal, but at one point, there was this……


After a few sips, he wrinkled his nose and said, “It tastes like Root Beer.”

There is A&W’s secret recipe. Who knew?

Have a great weekend.


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