Saturday Smile: Christmas Joy

First off, Happy Boxing Day! For those of you who aren’t Anglophiles, Boxing Day is always celebrated in Great Britain on the day after Christmas. Since servants worked Christmas Day, they traditionally received their gift boxes from the family for whom they worked (read, Lord and Lady Grantham) the day after Christmas, and celebrated that day. Not having servants, Bill and I don’t really do much to celebrate Boxing Day. Oh a little tiny boxing match, but nothing else.

Since we leave on Christmas Day for Arizona, our celebration with our Denver family is spread out over a period of days prior to Christmas. Joyful joyful.

Wednesday night we hosted Court and his family at our house, where I fixed racks of lamb, twice-baked potato casserole, oven-roasted asparagus with pine nuts and bacon, and freshly baked rolls. We finished off with candy meringue bars while the kids opened their presents….

Zierks Christmas

I wonder what I got?

I wonder what I got?

Christmas magic....

Christmas magic….


Taylor joined us this year.

Christmas Eve we went to services at Dave and Jll’s church, and then we went to Dave and Jll’s house where I prepared dinner that included New England clam chowder; chili; garlic, thyme and rosemary marinated pork tenderloin, twice baked potato casserole; and salad with dill, dried cranberries, and almond slivers. Addie prepared dessert of cheesecake. We could also choose cookies baked by Alastair. Afterward we opened presents. On a whim, one of the things I bought all four McLains were Boogie Boards — not the things you float on in a swimming pool; instead, they are fancy high-tech etch-a-sketches. I wasn’t sure that they would be well received, but they were a hit!

mclain boogie boards

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy Boxing Day. Give your servants the day off.