Friday Book Whimsy: A Cedar Cove Christmas

searchI always say when it comes to reading, I am a cheap date. Having said that, I will admit that I’ve never been a Debbie Macomber fan, nor a fan of her seemingly endless Cedar Cove series. I even gave the Hallmark-produced Cedar Cove television series a shot, and just couldn’t get engaged. It doesn’t matter, because Macomber has a deeply devoted following and doesn’t need me, thank you very much.

But hey, it’s the Christmas season, and so it’s no holds barred, right? It’s not a time to read a deeply moving dramatic novel or a terrifyingly psychotic thriller. It’s a time for light reading where everyone gets along and all problems are solved by the end of 250 pages.

And light reading definitely describes Cromber’s A Cedar Cove Christmas.

Mary Jo Wyse is unmarried, pregnant, and very close to giving birth. Without telling her three brothers (the three Wyse men; are you getting the picture?), she travels to Cedar Cove, a small community on an island near Seattle from which the baby’s father hails. There, she not only cannot find the baby’s father, but she can’t find any place to sleep for the night. She runs into the town librarian, who agrees to let her stay in the apartment she and her husband built above the barn. It should come as no surprise that Mary Jo gives birth in the barn and the three Wyse men follow a star to find their sister.

Obviously, Macromber is not very subtle when it comes to copying the Christmas nativity story. Still, A Cedar Cove Christmas is full of holiday cheer and paints a lovely picture of a town that has put on its best attire for the holidays. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a quick, cheery read full of holiday spirit and Christmas joy.

If you’re looking for a meaningful read, you can let this one pass. But if you just want to sit down with a cup of coffee and read a book that will only take a couple of hours of your time, A Cedar Cove Christmas might be a good choice. It will put you in the holiday mood.

Here is a link to the book.


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