Saturday Smile: What Up?

This past week I was able to be in the same room with all of my grandkids on numerous occasions, making me so very happy. For the first time in well, maybe, ever, ALL nine of our grandkids helped decorate the angel tree that lives in our living room at Christmastime. At one point, Joseph came over to me and said, “Nana, did you know that almost all of the ornaments on this tree are angels?” I explained to him that in fact ALL of the ornaments were angels which is why I call it my angel tree. He smiled and continued putting angels on the tree.

all the grands angel tree

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, and also bringing a smile to my face was seeing our son Court with his youngest son Cole, dressed for the cold weather and snow and ready to feast. Since they’re dressed like twins, I will tell you that Court’s the one on the right….

court cole twins

But while I did a lot of smiling this past week, one thing clearly took the cake in the smile department. Three-year-old Micah is a natural clown. And 10-year-old Alastair doesn’t often have boy cousins with which to play. One evening the two boys went off together to play. After about a half hour, Alastair appeared and presented to us the newest musical sensation — Micah the Rapper…..

Rapper Micah 2015

There you have it…..MC Micah. Most rap stars wear shoes.

Have a great weekend.

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