High Climbers

Rockin Jamn Neither Bill nor I are terribly fond of heights. Bill is perhaps even more leery of looking down from on-high than I, but the difference is that he challenges himself so as to conquer his fear; I, on the other hand, just keep two feet on the ground whenever possible.

Apparently our grandkids haven’t inherited this fear. Both Kaiya and Mylee have been boinged up into the air on one of those bungee jumper thingees. They seemed completely nonplussed as they bounced high into the air. I can assure you that I would have been PLUSSED. (Oh, I know that’s not a word, but it SHOULD be.)

Yesterday the remainder of our grandkids proved to us that they could be high climbers as well. Joseph and Micah (and their mothers) are visiting from Vermont and the McLain kids are on fall break. Though they are pretty good at staying entertained, it was clear that some energy needed to be expended, and it was determined that a trip to Rock’n and Jam’n to rock climb was the solution.

Rock’n and Jam’n is a business dedicated to indoor rock climbing for every age group. Alastair, Dagny, and Maggie Faith had been there before, but it was a first for the other kids. Climbing shoes are not necessary, but not everyone wore glittery shoes to climb as did Magnolia….

maggie glitter shoes climbing

Addie takes her turn (with Heather in the background)….

Alastair is very serious about it all….

Dagny is fearless and LOVES to climb…..

Glittery shoes don’t hold Magnolia back a bit….

Joseph was initially apprehensive, but he gave it a try and had some fun…..

Micah was too little to climb, but he wasn’t too little to try on the harness….

Micah rock n jam

Even the grown ups gave it a whirl. Allen and Jll give it a go….


I didn’t envy them, but they sure looked like they had a good time.

3 thoughts on “High Climbers

  1. Remember when we were in Italy and Bill climbed to the top of each Tuscan town tower? Someone afraid of heights shouldn’t do that! He does enjoy a good challenge. I’m glad we resolved our challenge to be to find the best tasting glass of white wine in Tuscany. Nailed it!

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