Saturday Smile: Grand Homecoming

Bill and I are happy when we’re in Arizona. We love our little house. It’s wonderful to be with our Arizona family. The weather is almost always amazing. Superstition Mountain is as beautiful as can be.

But Arizona doesn’t have our grandkids. And we have been blessed with a number of visits from kids and grandkids since we arrived home, and are looking forward to more because Heather and Lauren and Joseph and Micah are on their way even as you read this blog post. They will be spending the week of Thanksgiving with all of us here.

We were greeted shortly after we arrived home on Wednesday with a quick visit from Alastair, Dagny, Maggie Faith, and Jll. The highlight of that visit was when Alastair went out into our back yard which is covered with snow to test how solid the ice was in our little pond – WITHOUT ANY SHOES OR SOCKS ON HIS FEET. The thing is, he didn’t even seem to notice.

Thursday Court, Alyx, Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole came for dinner. Perhaps the highlight of that visit was watching Cole dance. And he doesn’t even need music. He just moves his little feet and dances like he’s on American Bandstand when the activity is suggested to him. See, he’s not really such a nerd…..

Cole Clark Kent 2015

Yesterday, we had another visit from Alastair and Dagny while their mom and Maggie Faith went to watch Addie play volleyball (whose team unfortunately lost the championship game). It was very cold and both of them were happy to be greeted with hot chocolate, Oreos, and uninterrupted cartoons as they arrived from school….

Dagny Alastair hot chocolate

And Papa was happy to have help from Alastair bringing the Christmas tree up from its basement home….

Alastair christmas tree 2015

Grandkids are a wonderful thing.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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