Saturday Smile: Flyin’ High

One day this week, I went to watch Cole for a short bit while his mommy volunteered up at school. Here is what he was wearing……

I love my nana

I texted his daddy to tell him how much I liked Cole’s shirt. Here is the text I got back: Judging from the look on Cole’s face, I think you’re happier about it than he is. WHATEVER! His mommy had just left 30 seconds earlier so he was just working on his attitude adjustment.

Yesterday morning, he and Papa were playing the game where Papa would toss him up in the air. The sheer joy on his face made me smile….

cole and papa (2)


And finally, my last smile has nothing to do with grandkids, except for being one. My cousin Bobbie generously sent me one of our own grandmother’s aprons, with the only caveat being that she wanted to see a photo of me wearing it. When I took it out of the package, the first thing I did was put it up to my nose to smell it. I’m sure I imagined it, but I thought the fragrance was that of Grammie, and I immediately teared up. It’s a bit big, but what do you think?…..

me in grammie apron

Have a great weekend.


5 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Flyin’ High

  1. Cole looks adorable and I think his face looks serious because he is thinking about the enormity of how wonderful his Nana is.
    Seeing Grammie’s apron made me tear up. Bobbie thank you for keeping two of her aprons. Thank you also for sharing one with us.

    • You are welcome, Jennie . I am glad that you three sisters can enjoy the memories and share in Grammie’s endearing stories.

  2. Kris … So glad you are enjoying the memories . I teared up a bit too… The “essence of Grammie” is not your imagination, I kept it in the dresser drawer that contained some of her other clothes, a drawer which doesn’t get opened often . I did not ever wash it.. It was worn , as you can tell by the pocket which hangs kind of as if it held cookies. Now, you need to use it and put cookies in it too!

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