Saturday Smile: Seventy-Six Trombones

And so, there’s this……


When you have four children, you have almost half a baseball team, just a bit over a third of a football team, and four-fifths of a basketball team. And apparently you have almost an entire marching band.

Addie has played the clarinet for a few years. Alastair and Dagny are just taking up their instruments — the flute for Dagny and the trombone for Alastair. According to Jll, the kids weren’t actually playing at the time, but just you wait. By the way, the extra trombone player (the blonde boy) is Alastair’s friend Will.

And also by the way, when Maggie Faith learned a photo was about to be taken, she — not being one to miss a photo opportunity –said, “Wait! Give me three minutes.” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in three minutes, our little musician created her own instrument out of a straw, a binder clip, a bottle of lotion and a wad of paper.

I can only imagine how it will sound when they actually play music together. I’m guessing not quite like the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Not for awhile anyway.

Have a great weekend.

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