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Thirty Days
Hello October. I can’t believe you’re already here. One hundred percent of the time, I can’t tell you how many days a month has without reciting in my head: Thirty days has September, April, June, and November….. Well, I guess I remember that October has 31 days because Halloween is October 31. So 98 percent of the time. I laughed one day when Bill was trying to figure out how many days a particular month had, and he recited out loud: Thirty days has September, April, MAY, and November. Being ever the helpful wife, I suggested the little poem isn’t helpful unless you have it memorized correctly. He loves when I point things out like this to him. Wouldn’t you?

The Swarm
Our son Dave is in England playing rugby with some Denver team. Don’t ask, because I don’t understand it myself. Anyhoo, that leaves our daughter-in-law Jll as the single

I believe Dave is in the second row from the front and is the only one not looking at the camera!

I believe Dave is in the second row from the front and is the only one not looking at the camera!

parent of their brood of four. With the youngest being 7, it’s considerably easier than when they were small. Still, it’s a lot of work, especially as they are all involved in a variety of activities. So the other night, I invited them over for dinner. Only come if it’s actually making your life easier, I told her. I wasn’t trying to make it more complicated. They always make me laugh when the whole gang comes. I hear them coming from afar. They acknowledge me with smiles, maybe a hug or two, and immediately head out to the back yard where they quickly find entertainment. That night it was tossing a football. I had made a simple oven dish in which you put chicken pieces, potatoes, carrots, garlic, and onion on a cookie sheet, add salt and pepper, pour olive oil over the whole kit and caboodle, and bake for an hour-and-20 minutes at 375 degrees. The chicken and the bread were consumed quickly. They had to be coaxed to eat the vegetables, largely, I think, because I decided to add Brussel sprouts. A deal breaker for sure. That’s okay. More for Jll and me. Homemade milk shakes for dessert. No coaxing. A lot of slurping. And that was just Bill! It was a fun night.

Sew There
apronIn response to my post entitled Apron Strings, I got several leads on apron patterns. While Bill was in Chicago, I went and purchased some material. Yesterday Bill spent much of the day making my apron. I think it was more time consuming than he anticipated. What would make it easier, I asked him. A square apron, he informed me. The curves were a killer. But I think he did a good job all things considered. It is not quite complete since he ran out of rick rack. “Or whatever that stuff is called,” he told me. It’s called rick rack.

When You’re Alone and Life is Making You Lonely, You Can Always Go…….
While Bill was busily sewing at home, I had lunch downtown with my two besties from my old job back in the days when I got paid to write. I don’t get downtown much these days, but I enjoy the heck out of it every time I do. More and more apartment buildings have been built every time I go downtown. Will it ever stop? I guess it has to because at some point they’ll run out of space. I always think if I was a bit of a different person, I would live in lower downtown Denver where we had lunch. They have now built a King Soopers right across the street from Coors Field, and apparently a Whole Foods is scheduled to be completed next year. There are restaurants, bookstores, churches, parks….everything you need. Except grandkids living within walking distance and/or 10 minutes from you. I’ll stay where I am, thank you very much.

Ma Oui
Speaking of lunching with my friends, we ate at a place that has only been open for about three weeks, or so our server told us. It is called Bistro Provencal, and was very delicious and surprisingly affordable. (I still can’t get used to $15 hamburgers.) I had Tourte de Boeuf, which was basically a pot pie that had filet mignon and mushrooms in a creamy sauce. It was absolutely amazing. Of course, I think you could wrap puff pastry around an old shoe and it would taste good. I hope the restaurant makes it.


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  1. The apron looks great. Bill sewing with rick rack will take a couple of days to sink in.
    Did the restaurant have a Boulangerie sign I could take off their hands?!! 🇫🇷

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