Thursday Thoughts

Me Talk Pretty
My goal for yesterday was to go through the entire day without using the word poop a single time. For the most part, I was successful. I say for the most part, because I had a follow-up appointment with my primary care doctor. (Remember, the doctor who couldn’t fit me in until sometime near the 2020 Olympic games? Apparently she found a hole in her schedule. She, by the way, called me.) While I tried to use more grown-up words, I must admit the word poop did come out of my mouth. I couldn’t convince myself that I wouldn’t be threatening the spirit of the goal by using the word kaka.

Hot Times
My lovely garden survived my time away, a surprise because while Bill remembered to water most of the outdoor plants, he forgot the vegetables.  When I went out early Monday morning to see how it had fared, I noticed that the jalapeno that had been tiny when I last saw it was GONE. Oh, was I ever mad. Either a bunny or a squirrel or a bird had nabbed it. It isn’t to my credit that I literally yelled out loud to the universe, “I hope you burned the crap out of your mouth you little shit!” A day later, Bill had constructed a pest control system that consists of a wooden frame that holds netting. It makes it a bit more difficult to harvest, but it should prevent more jalapeno thefts.

garden netted

You People are Sick
My post Tuesday about my most recent visit to the hospital earned Nana’s Whimsies the most hits ever. Running a close second was my post on June 23 about Bill’s Parkinson’s. My conclusion? Sickness sells! I am grateful to all my readers for their continued support. While I joke about my posts about sickness earning the most hits, in reality it simply means a lot of people care about Bill and me. Thank you.

Did Microsoft Happen?
Yesterday was the day of the big Microsoft 10 upgrade. I dutifully registered for the update. I left my computer on so that Microsoft could do its thing while I slept. I awoke, woke up my screen, and saw absolutely no difference. I guess that means either the download was seamless or the download didn’t happen. I was fearful that I was going to walk into my office and my computer would be black and smoking, so I am grateful that it appears to be working.

House Calls
Yesterday I got visits from all of my Denver grandchildren. The McLains came over for a bit in the afternoon so they could check out Papa’s work on the playhouse. They were duly impressed. Court and his family came for dinner. Not being up to cooking, I let the Colonel do it and offered up KFC. It tasted good to me. Probably not what the nurse practitioner was talking about yesterday morning when he was suggesting a healthy diet. But, as usual, Mylee made me laugh. She, Kaiya, and their daddy were in the midst of a wild game of modified Four Square. Really modified. Actually, just Court bouncing the ball really high in the air and the girls trying to catch it and giggling madly when they were unsuccessful. Kaiya is a great giggler. Anyhoo, at one point, Mylee hollered out, “Hold on. I’ve got to go to the bathroom. Pause the game.” Now that, my friends, is a child of technology.

Kaiya, Alyx, and Mylee enjoy ice cream after dinner.

Kaiya, Alyx, and Mylee enjoy ice cream after dinner.


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  1. These are children of technology for sure! Derek was cooking in the kitchen with my aunt and I and he also said “Can you pause this while I go to the bathroom?”. It’s a different world!

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