Thursday Thoughts

What Does the Fox Say?
The first three weeks or so after we got back to Denver, we saw regular appearances of our backyard friend Mr. Fox. I make it sound as if every year it’s the same fox, and that isn’t so. In fact, the fox we saw in May and early June had a lot of black fur on its red back, something the others didn’t. Suddenly, however, the fox has been nowhere to be seen. Generally that means something bigger is probably making nighttime visits – like Wile E. Coyote. Last weekend we had friends over for dinner. Seven-year-old Anthony asked Bill if he thought he would get a chance to see the fox that visits our back yard. Bill admitted that he probably wouldn’t since the fox hasn’t been around. Around 8:30 that evening, they were getting ready to leave. Suddenly Anthony shouts, “Is that a fox?” We look out, and sure enough, Mr. Fox made a special visit so that Anthony could say hello. Since then, nary a glimpse of him again.

A Man for All Seasons
I have mentioned that we are in the process of remodeling our kitchen. Nothing substantial (besides a new dishwasher). Mostly paint and other bill sewing valancecosmetic upgrades. But the paint job hasn’t been particularly easy. Prior to the remodel, my kitchen was all yellow. Now there is some gray, some blueish green, and some white. Quite a bit of detail work. It has kept Bill incredibly busy. Since we began, he has installed a new dishwasher, put up bead board, replaced grate covers, and painted, painted, painted. But that isn’t all. The other day I brought home material to make window treatments that I saw on Pinterest – no-sew faux Roman shades. Emphasis on the no-sew, because I can’t sew a single stitch. I had no sooner walked in the door, however, when Bill stopped what he was doing to sew my no-sew faux Roman shades. “It will just look nicer if it’s neatly hemmed rather than glued,” he said. And of course, he was right. The man does it all.

There are a few fruits that aren’t good until they’re good. Tomatoes are one example. watermelonUntil fresh tomatoes become available mid- to late-summer, they’re mostly mealy and flavorless. Another example is watermelon. I bought a watermelon a few weeks ago, and it had no taste. But the past couple of days I have been eating wonderfully sweet watermelon. I eat it the same way my mom did, lots of salt. It makes for a wonderful solution to a sweet tooth after dinner.

Speaking of Sweet Tooth
When last I visited my doctor for my annual physical, the results of my blood test came back indicating my blood sugar was a bit high. Nothing I’m particularly worried about at this point, my doctor told me. Still, she said it would behoove me to lose a few pounds and cut back on carbs. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Cut back on what? Because, you see, I’m addicted to carbs. Though I’m not proud of that fact, I’m afraid it’s true. Not all carbs. Bread? I could take it or leave it. Potatoes? I’ll nibble on French fries but they don’t necessarily call to me. But pasta? Oh yeah Baby. And my glass of wine at night? I drink it for the health benefits, donchaknow. So a couple of weeks ago, I went a week of eating carb-free. I lived off of meat and a salad until I thought I would kill myself. By Thursday I was so tired and crabby that I just wanted to go to bed and Bill wanted me to so that I would quit nagging him. But I was successful, and I lost a couple of pounds. I have started cheesecakeadding some carbs back into my diet, but thus far I’m trying to limit them to so-called good carbs. Mostly fruit and some bread. I have had one or two glasses of wine but no dessert. Well, except for the piece of homemade cheesecake I had the night we entertained. Does that count?

sloppy joe potato chipsAnd I Thought Sour Cream and Onion was Crazy
I was at the grocery store yesterday and as I rushed towards the check-outs (I was in a hurry as usual), I went past a display of potato chips. I did a double take, and turned around to look again. Yep. Sloppy Joe flavored potato chips. Seriously? Along with Sloppy Joe, there was also Sweet Corn Potato Chips and Baby Back Rib Potato Chips. You could actually have an entire barbecued dinner with only potato chips. I’ll take plain Lays, thank you very much.

Corny Cole
Finally, Cole Jonathon was over for dinner the other night and enjoyed an ear of sweet corn (real sweet corn, not potato chips). And when I say enjoyed, I mean ENJOYED.

corny cole


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  1. I agree with you about watermelon. If it’s not sweet and yummy I end up tossing it. It’s one of life’s gambles.
    Love the pic of Bill sewing and Cole enjoying sweet corn!

  2. Kris, I thought of you the other day when I saw a coffee cup with the printed words, “Don’t bother the author……..she may put you in a book and kill you”. I stand amazed at Bill sewing as I failed iron on patches.

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