Saturday Smile: Just a Bump

Addie roses

Adelaide Grace, looking all the world like she will never hit a pedestrian.

I took the kids to the movies recently. As we were leaving, I was carefully backing up, looking this way and that. While I haven’t reached the point of backing into parking spaces like most of the elderly people in Arizona, I admit I drive through parking spaces whenever possible so that I’m headed out. You see, I have this terrible fear of running over a child, and more specifically, one of my grandkids. Gruesome, I know.

Anyway, as I was oh-so- carefully backing out, I mentioned to Addie who was in the front seat with me that I am so fearful of hitting a child.

“Yeah, I don’t really understand why that scares you so much,” she said. “You’re going so slow, you would just knock them over.”

Yikes. I’m very thankful that she has four years before she can drive!

Have a great weekend.