Thursday Thoughts

The Mad Reader
I am an avid public library user. When I am looking for a particular book (always ebooks these days), I look first at the Denver Public Library, as their ebook borrowing period is three weeks. If they don’t have it available, I then check Phoenix, which only allows a two-week borrowing period for ebooks. If either library has the book but all copies are currently checked out, I put the book on hold (unless I’m in a particular hurry to read the book). It never fails that all of the books I have on hold become available at the same time. That has happened recently. As a result, I have been madly reading, reading, reading. Sometimes the characters or the plots become confusing to me. I try to tell myself, just let the book go and borrow it at a later date. No luck, however, because I am certifiably crazy. At least when it comes to reading.

Seeing Cinderella
Since we returned to Denver from Mesa, I have been promising Kaiya and Mylee that I would take them to see Cinderella, the non-animated version starring Lily James of Downton Abbey fame. We have had a bit of trouble finding a time that worked, but finally we made plans to go to the movies last Saturday. (Here’s a little secret: we went to see Cinderella primarily because Nana wanted to see it. It was well worth the price of admission, if only to see Cinderella in her ball gown.) Anyway, Saturday happened to be the day that Alastair, looking for an escape from his three sisters, stopped by to see if Papa needed any help around the house. Papa put him to work on various projects. Sometime a bit later, I made mention to Alastair that I would be leaving to go pick up the girls so that we could go to see Cinderella. “Can I go too?” 10-year-old Alastair asked, much to my amazement. “Sure,” I said, “if you don’t mind seeing a princess movie.” Apparently when he weighed his options between going to a princess movie and spending the afternoon with his sisters, the movie won. It’s not easy being the only boy. He sat quietly and watched the movie. Afterwards I asked him what he thought. “Well, there were a lot of princesses,” was all he said.

Seeing Tomorrowland
But I made it up to Alastair. For reasons unknown to me, Denver Public Schools were closed Tuesday. I don’t know why, though my suspicion is that since Denver had a bit of a dry winter, there are snow days remaining and the teachers, who by now are on their very last nerve, deserved a break. Anyhoo, I invited Alastair to go to see the movie Tomorrowland. He had mentioned he wanted to see it. Much to my surprise (and Alastair’s disappointment), all four of the kids wanted to see the movie. So I borrowed the van and off we went. As for Tomorrowland, well, it wasn’t really my cup of tea. I’m more of a Cinderella kind of gal. But the kids seemed to like it. And to my amazement, after the movie, the kids chose crepes for lunch. My suggestion was a burger. Go figure.

Taking a Walk
Baby Cole is learning to walk. He has the standing part down pat. In fact, he

Cole at his one-year-old birthday party, getting ready to try his cake.

Cole at his one-year-old birthday party, getting ready to try his cake.

will stop dead in his crawling tracks and stand up, apparently just to show us he can. He’s getting to the point now where he will take a step or two, and then realize that he doesn’t have four appendages on the floor and will drop like a soldier who spots the enemy on a battlefield. I give him another week or two. Nothing cuter than a baby who has just learned to walk.

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  1. Books on hold from the library always all come in at once. I recently returned a stack a mile high containing books I’ve had on hold for six months. I couldn’t get to them all. Such a waste as now I sit with nothing to read.

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