Our Spring Fever Comes from Head Colds

back yard rain 2015

Our back yard this morning as a steady rain continues to fall.

While Arizona is enjoying a particularly nice May, here in Denver, my heat flips on each morning. Seeing the sun is such a rarity that when it comes out, people run into the street and point to the sky as if seeing a UFO. Denverites are going to Seattle to vacation so they can have nicer weather. Bada boom.

It’s been a rainy spring, and as my great-niece Mackenzie would say, I am so OVER IT. Today Denver is supposed to have a high – A HIGH – of 50.

garden play areaLast night on the local news, the weather forecaster actually seemed embarrassed to show the 10-day forecast as each and every day indicated more showers and thunderstorms. She pointed out that there has only been one day of sunshine in May. One. Don’t get me wrong; it isn’t unusual to have afternoon showers in Colorado, especially in the mountains. But I’m talking day after day of little or no sunshine at all. We keep waiting for the pattern to change, but it’s being very stubborn.

Good for the farmers, I guess. But bad for those trying to elude head and chest colds. Or plant a garden.

I’ve been trying to get my garden planted since Mother’s Day. Bill built raised gardenme a small raised garden bed out of cement blocks. You guessed it. I saw it on Pinterest. The grandkids will be astounded to see that the raised garden is right smack in their play area. Don’t worry; they can still get to the sand box and to the ladder up to the fort. They just need to go around a garden. If I can get it planted.

I have to be quick between rain showers. The other day I planted carrots, radishes, green beans, two tomato plants, and a jalapeno plant. I planted very quickly. And then I ran inside to wait out the rain shower.

A short time later when showers temporarily subsided, I planted oregano, Italian parsley, and thyme in the holes in the cinder blocks. Again, very quickly.

I have basil and chives still waiting on my kitchen counter to be planted, but neither yesterday nor today offered me the opportunity.

Cole in swingI have to keep it all in perspective, however. As I said before, the rain is good for the farmers. Our grass looks spectacular. You can see how green it is in this photo which just happens to include our youngest grandchild Cole, last in the line (so far) of kids who have enjoyed swinging on Nana’s tree swing. The photo was taken on the one day of sunshine.

Trust me.  Come July, I will be complaining about the hot weather.

Nevertheless, I am eagerly looking forward to sitting outside in the evening and enjoying the birds and the sunshine. It will happen. I know it will.


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  1. We in Arizona truly are having amazing spring weather. Every mild day is a gift, especially as summer approaches. No doubt your blue skies will return when we start to sizzle.

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