Now Where Did I Put That Again?

William PerryIt’s taken me 61 years to realize that when God was giving out organizational skills, I was apparently not only standing in the back of the line, but I was behind someone really big, like maybe William “Refrigerator” Perry. Oh, I know….God sees all things. I’m just trying to make a point.

When it comes to organization, I have none.

My lack of skills in this area became abundantly clear to me recently when my daughter-in-law was making arrangements for her four children because both she and our son Dave were going to be out of town at the same time. Apparently they didn’t feel leaving cans of Campbell’s soup and cracking the windows was enough; the children actually needed supervision. Helicopter parents.

Dave and Jll will be the first to admit they are lucky to have a plethora of family and friends to help out when they are in this kind of situation. Three grandmothers, one grandfather, an aunt, an uncle, and many friends all willingly pitch in to provide support. It does, indeed, take a village.

Jll asked me many weeks ago if Bill and I could help them out, and we happily agreed. She always spreads out the duties so that none of us feel overwhelmed. In addition, she always sends out an organizational chart that looks like this…..

jlls list

Seriously. It’s color-coordinated. We can all figure out our duties at a glance just by knowing what color we are. Next time I’m going to ask to be pink instead of green. Green isn’t in my color wheel.

That’s organized.

Bill's ipadBill is also very organized. Tool cabinets, boxes for paint supplies, shelves on which he places anything that relates to our cars. Even his IPad is organized. While my IPad has apps in the order in which I acquired them, haphazardly placed wherever they landed, Bill has created little folders with titles such as “News” and “Travel” and “Sports” and “Shopping.” He can access information almost instantly. Should I create little folders, I would never remember what I’ve put into which folder. Is Amazon in my book folder or my shopping folder? Should I look at my home folder or my cooking folder to find Pinterest?

Believe me, I am not poking fun at either of them, not in the least little bit. I wish I had a 10th of that organizational ability.

Every once in a while, I get an urge to organize. For example, recently, while still in Arizona, I got tired of digging around for the plastic containersright lid to my plastic food containers. The containers themselves were stuffed inside a cabinet. I practically had to carefully open the cupboard, toss the container in and quickly shut the door before it came tumbling out. Not quite that bad, but almost.

So I did what I always do when I get that rare itch to organize. I made a trip to The Container Store. But before I did that, I spent one entire morning taking out all of my containers and all of my lids and seeing what matched. Surprisingly, I only ended up with a couple of stray lids and/or containers. It appears I’m not careless, only disorganized.

I explained to Bill what I wanted to do, and he went with me to The Container Store. Together, we found a big plastic bin to hold the containers and a small, plastic bin to hold the lids. I then did something I learned on (where else?) Pinterest: I numbered everything. So each container has a number and the lid has a matching number.

The first time Jen opened that cupboard, she said (with a little too much surprise, I thought), “Kris, this looks great!”

The pride I felt from her praise, unfortunately didn’t result in me moving on to organize my closet. You know how I said when you have a house, something always goes wrong, and when you have two houses, mishaps happen to the second power? Well, the same holds true for closets. When you have two houses, you also have two messy closets.

Maybe I need to make a trip to The Container Store.

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