Saturday Smile: Skinny Neck

Our 5-year-old grandson Joseph underwent surgery this week — he had his tonsils removed. I’m pleased to say everything went fine with the surgery. Since we weren’t able to be there (they live in Vermont), it was fun to be able to Facetime with him this week. He was cheerful and happily chasing around his little brother Micah as we talked.

This picture made me smile. It is Joseph on his way home from the hospital. I love his valient attempt to be cheerful for the camera. His look is a mixture of glad-it’s-over combined with I’m-still-fairly-doped-up-from-the-surgery. His Uncle Allen’s comment upon seeing the picture? “I swear his neck looks skinnier!”

joseph after tonsils out 2015

Glad it’s all over Joseph, and heal well.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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