Saturday Smile: ILove the IPad

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic. – Arthur C. Clarke (Author)

Jen has been here visiting this past week and, not surprisingly, has spent a lot of time with her grandkids. On Thursday night, Maggie had to work and so Jen decided to spend the night at our/her house. Her grandkids stayed with their father. As she headed towards the door, 4-year-old Austin began to cry. He was inconsolable.

“She’ll be back tomorrow, Buddy,” his father told him. Between sobs, Austin replied, “But sheeeeee’s t-t-t-taking her Ipad.”

And there you have it, Folks. What being a grandparent has been reduced to…..

Austin ipad_resized

The number of games on their Ipads.

Have a great weekend.

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