Saturday Smile: Things Dogs Do….

Lots of things made me laugh this week, but this video caused Bill to ask me what in the world I was laughing at earlier this week…

And last night Bec, Bill and I went to a place in west Mesa called The Angry Crab Shack, featuring Cajun-styled seafood and other Cajun delights. Beckie and I split a pound of shrimp and a pound of crawfish, all boiled and served seasoned and sauced as hot as you want. Ours was pretty darned hot — and pretty darned good. No silverware to be seen; you eat with your fingers. I wish I had a photo of Beckie and I post-dinner. Unfortunately, my hands were so dirty I wouldn’t touch my camera.

Bill po boywent the sandwich route (now, isn’t that a surprise?) and got a crawfish po’ boy. He was happy with his choice. He drank Abita beer and Bec and I had a Pinot Grigio served in a mason jar. Gotta love it.

angry crab wine glass

It made me smile.

Seafood as it's brought to the table.

Seafood as it’s brought to the table.

Seafood as it's unveiled. Yum.

Seafood as it’s unveiled. Yum.

Again, a Lenten sacrifice!

Have a great weekend.

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