Saturday Smile: Barefoot in the Park

lilly playground 3.15My niece Maggie, always thinking of others, helped me transition from being surrounded by grandkids this past week to our solitary existence by asking me to babysit Austin and Lilly yesterday while she and her husband went to a Cubs Spring Training Game. That woman always gives, gives, gives.

At one point I tossed the kids into the stroller and we walked the quarter mile or so to the neighborhood park. It was a beautiful spring day.

After spending time at various and sundry parks with my grandkids, I have learned that there are a few things that never change: First, once kids have reached walking age, they want to take their shoes off, especially if there is sand; second, it is much more fun to walk (or try to walk) up a slide than it is to come down the right way, even when you’re only 1; and third, there is nothing more fun than being pushed in a swing.

But today’s park visit offered me a first. We had no sooner gotten to the austin playground 3.15park than Austin, tugging at his privates, said, “Aunt Kris, I have to go to the bathroom.”

Now, my bad for not making him go before we left the house, right?

“Can you hold it for a bit, Buddy?” I asked him.

Nope. Still tugging and with a look of anguish on his face.

“Can I just go over there on that tree?” he asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” I answered.

And here it came….

“My mom always lets me.”

Okay, here’s the thing. I seriously doubt that Maggie allows Austin to pee on a park tree on a regular basis. Still, I’m not his parent. I’m not even his grandparent. I’m only the great aunt. And there isn’t a soul around. And he’s a boy. And we just got to the park and I don’t feel like turning around immediately. And Lilly is already having fun in the sand.

Oh, what the heck! Austin put the “pee” in Park.

Have a good weekend.


5 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Barefoot in the Park

  1. Let the record show that putting the pee in park is a fairly normal event. Sans people being around. As a mother-in-law I blame Mark!

  2. Which is really why you shouldn’t go barefoot in the park. Crazy movie by the way but I sort of liked it.

  3. Only you, Kris, could take a simple trip to the park and make it into something monumental. 😳

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