Ay! Caramba

bill dave grill

Bill cuts up the meat as Dave carefully grills the onions and peppers. Have you ever seen a more beautiful view?

I’ve mentioned before that when we get to Arizona in late December, we spend much of our time celebrating something or other – Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, (well, not those last two, but you get the gist). And this year we had the added celebration of a long weekend visit from our son and his family, which included a fiesta at my brother’s house.

For the Gloor clan, fiesta is code for any kind of celebration that involves Mexican food. Most often, it involves Jen and/or Maggie preparing green chile. This past weekend, our fiesta revolved around carne asada and pollo asada, and there was no green chile to be seen.

There are various and sundry recipes for the marinade for carne asada and pollo asada,

Court shows Kaiya how to correctly roast a marshmallow to achieve perfect golden brownness.

Court shows Kaiya how to correctly roast a marshmallow to achieve perfect golden brownness.

but I often take the easy way out and just go to a Mexican market where they have already done the work. You can see the beautiful steak and chicken marinading away in the juice, onions, lemons, and limes, as well as whatever other magical ingredient the butchers want to include.

So Saturday Bill and I took a trek to Food City in nearby Apache Junction.

Food City is not a Mexican market by definition. However, this particular Food City is located in a largely Hispanic area of AJ, so it is a Mexican market by default. As such, you can find all sorts of interesting vegetables, especially peppers, both dried and fresh. But you can also find chayote, prickly pear, and these gorgeous onions that look like a scallion on steroids. Drench these onions in olive oil and season liberally with whatever sounds good to you. I use Montreal seasoning and season salt. Then grill alongside Anaheim peppers and jalapenos for delicious sides to your meat.

I figured a half pound of meat per person, and was advised by the butcher that this would be way too much. It wasn’t, of course, because, well, we enjoy our food. My brother fired up both his gas grill and his charcoal grill. He and Bill grilled the meat while they smoked their cigars and watched the sun start to set in the west.

kaiya roast marshmallowOnce everyone had eaten and the tables had been cleared and the dishes put in the dishwasher, someone lit a fire in the fire pit, and marshmallow roasting began. Kaiya announced that she had never eaten s’mores before, so she took great delight in the preparation. Two for her, thank you very much.

Now I expect I will have to get back to normal life, which will include a trip to the grocery store to stock up on staples. Grocery shopping in the Land of Winter Visitors is never a walk in the park, but with my new-and-improved positive outlook on life, I will just be glad that I am currently living in an area where the temperature is running about 75 during the day!

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