Orange You Glad It’s Not Last Sunday?


In happier days — early in the season….

I watched the Broncos’ 2014-2015 season come to a sad end on Sunday with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it was sad to see them go out in such inglorious fashion. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have to dye my onion dip orange on Super Bowl Sunday.

See? A silver lining. Remember my New Years’ goal to look at life in a more positive way?

I’m positive my Broncos couldn’t possibly have looked worse. Both sides of the ball, really.

Poor Peyton.  If I feel bad, imagine how he must feel. He is so competitive, and for much of the season he was riding a wave of grandeur, breaking records, and winning ball games handily. Suddenly, somewhere after the first half of the season, he began looking like an old man. Paw Paw Peyton. He can’t help it. It happens to the best of us, and earlier when you have to be able to handle being chased around by 300-lb. linemen and still toss a ball down field. And then be slammed to the ground. I limp when I get out of bed in the morning.

I’m really not devastated by the Broncos’ loss on Sunday. I’m pretty sure – being my mom’s daughter – that they would have been crushed by the Patriots next Sunday. Better to get it over with sooner rather than later. And I actually like the Colts a great deal. In particular, I like Andrew Luck, who I think is extremely talented and a classy football player. Much like Peyton Manning.

So more power to them. With any luck, it will be a Packers-Colts Super Bowl, and for me that would be win-win as I like both teams.

No, it’s not the Broncos’ loss that is making me sad. It’s watching the football season come to an end. Less than three weeks from now I will be facing a Sunday without football. No Phil Simms trying oh-so-hard to act like he doesn’t hate the Broncos. No dithering Chris Collinsworth. No Bob Costas, who always looks like he’s ready to cry. (Maybe I just can’t get past the red-eye thing he had going on during the Olympics). No Tony Dungy, who is so smart about football, so extremely nice, and so astonishingly homely.

I will be waiting all day for Sunday night. But then nothing will happen.

Well, except for Downton Abbey, which has even more drama than the Jay Cutler-Chicago Bears saga.

So I will enjoy the games for the next couple of weeks, rooting for the good guys and booing the bad guys. And then we will all move on to the remainder of the regularly scheduled programs.

The hardest part is going to be remaining silent about my feelings regarding Tom Brady and the Patriots. A team Broncos fans love to hate, but a team my 5-year-old grandson Joseph – a New Englander  through and through – loves to love.

So, instead of worrying, let’s eat. A Facebook friend posted this recipe she retrieved from the Facebook page of a woman named Cheryle Pestana, who appears to FB mostly about food. I tried to find her blog, but she doesn’t appear to have one.

taco casserole

The directions make it sound complicated. Just layer however you want. The dish was delicious, and almost better reheated the next day.

Mexican casserole uncut

Mexican casserole cut


2 thoughts on “Orange You Glad It’s Not Last Sunday?

  1. I agree! Sunday’s without football are just not as fun. And then Monday morning at work discussing the game. I loved watching Payton when he played for the Colts and to have him as our QB is such fun. He makes everything better including during press conferences dodging questions he doesn’t want to answer! What drove me crazy this year? The announcers. Grrrr. Even during non Bronco games. I wanted to scream during the Cardinals last game. Football fans have feelings too!

  2. This house also goes into mourning when football season is over. I’m very very sad to report that Carter is getting into basketball, my worst nightmare frankly. Kenzie and I will be enjoying a lot of girl outings! You made me laugh out loud describing the characters we listen to announce the games. Awesome!

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