Forge Ahead into 2015

Maggie, Lilly, and Mark await the whistle for dinner to begin.

Maggie, Lilly, and Mark await the whistle for dinner to begin.

On New Year’s Day, the talk turned – as it was bound to – to resolutions. Did you make any? What are they? Do you keep them? And so forth.

I heard my share of “eating healthier” and “staying on a budget” and I also heard a few “I don’t make resolutions because I don’t keep them anyway.”

I’m generally in the camp of “I certainly do make resolutions but I don’t keep them anyway.” Sigh.

So this year I’m trying to look at them more along the lines of better ways to live my life day-to-day than setting myself up for failure by proclaiming big and important but unrealistic resolutions for the whole year.

Every day I should spend more time praying. I should spend less time in the afternoon watching Foyle’s War and more time doing something more constructive like cleaning or cooking or reading. I read 20 fewer books in 2014 than I did in 2013, and I’m determined to turn that around. Not because it’s some kind of a contest since no one knows but me, but because it’s better for my brain. I want to be demonstratively more generous – pick an amount and give that amount each month to a charity that God will reveal to me. Looking at life from a more positive perspective will make my life better, and also Bill’s. It is critical to Bill’s health (and mine as well) that we get back into a routine of regular exercise, something that had become more hit-and-miss in the past month-and-a-half. Wasting food is a sin, or so the nuns told us, and it costs money. So I will take greater care to use leftovers. Finally, and this one will be difficult, I will try to stay away from sex and violence in films, television, and books. I’m not a prude, nor will I be crazy about it, but I will avoid it when I can. Like, no How to Get Away With Murder this next go-around.

Jessie and Kacy were born princesses and remain princesses still...

Jessie and Kacy were born princesses and remain princesses still…

And, of course, drink more water. Or at least some water. Sigh again.

Now that I have publicly confessed to those goals, I want to tell you just how much fun we had on New Year’s Day. I have said it before and I will say it again. If you give a party, they will come. My family, I mean. Of course, a 7-bone prime rib is a good draw, but still, I’m fairly certain I could have offered salami sandwiches and had nearly as many folks at my dinner table. We like to gather as family. And the little cousins like to play together. The 45-degree temperatures didn’t stop them from playing outside like I thought it might. In Colorado, kids are wearing shorts when it’s 45 degrees; in Arizona, they are in sweats. But they spent most of the day outside.

Our house is small, but we pushed together three tables and were able to have a cooked prime 2015somewhat haphazard sit-down dinner table. The prime rib was cooked perfectly, and because of its sheer size, it took a while for Bill to carve it. Plus, he needed to keep pushing fingers away from snitchers. Mine included.

Kacy’s daughter Lexi Eve turned 2 on New Year’s Day, so in addition to an meat piled high 2015amazing chocolate brownie trifle made by Maggie, we had birthday cake. There simply is nothing cuter than seeing the face of a child being sung Happy Birthday to. They either smile or cry. In Lexi’s case, she loved being the center of attention. Being on Mommy’s lap helped, especially since that brand new baby sister was down for a nap.

I am looking forward to a wonderful 2015, and if I can make my goals last a month, I will be doing about two weeks better than last year.

Now I’m going to go get a glass of water.

Leftover Prime Rib with Pasta. Yum.

Leftover Prime Rib with Pasta. Yum.

By the way, here is a wonderful recipe that used the remains of the prime rib. Thank you to for the delicious recipe…..





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  1. You’ll be surprised to know that I sat dowowowowowowowns and made a list of goals for 2015 that very next day. I have quite a few which include going on more than one beach vacation and setting up a regular date night with my honey. Let’s see how this goes. Haha.

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