Saturday Smile: He Looks Like a Pink Nightmare

Every year Jen gets her grandkids Christmas pajamas. Not just pajamas for Christmas — pajamas with Christmas themes. I was with her this year when she bought them.

Earlier this week, Jen sent me a photo of 4-year-old Austin wearing his new Christmas pajamas — and he’s not happy about it. That fact is abundantly clear from the photo.

I laughed and laughed at that photo of poor, unhappy Austin in his red and white striped pj’s with the enormous Santa decal. The look on his face is priceless.

And it immediately called to mind an image from my very favorite Christmas movie — A Christmas Story. Remember when Ralphie comes down the stairs unhappily wearing the pink bunny pajamas his aunt made for him? And his father says, “He looks like a pink nightmare.”

Seriously folks, look at the faces of both of these children and tell me you didn’t laugh….

austin and bunny

Have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: He Looks Like a Pink Nightmare

  1. Yesterday was pajama day at pre-school. He wore a darling pair of Christmas pajamas but it sure wasn’t the striped pair in the picture!

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