Some Thursday Thoughts

Some random thoughts…..

Thought One: Tuesday morning I visited my orthodontist. I don’t have braces anymore, but I did go through the whole braces-as-an-adult thing from January 1995 to February 1996. Funny enough, Court was in braces at the same time, and he and I went to the same orthodontist. I went because upon removing my braces, my orthodontist gave me a removable retainer that he instructed me to wear every night for the rest of my natural life. Being an obedient Catholic girl, I have done exactly that.

Until about a month ago when it fell from my teeth into my mouth during the night. I didn’t even come close to choking, but it didn’t make me happy. So I went to get the retainer tightened. The orthodontist, who was much grayer than when I last saw him (as am I), and his team did just that. But it reminded me of something from back in that year of braces.

I had clear bands – my one nod to vanity. They are less noticeable, but they also discolor more easily. In particular, curry would instantly turn the bands the color of a New York taxicab. So once a month, when it was my day to get my bands changed, I would eat lunch at a nearby Indian restaurant and would invariably show up at the orthodontist with bright yellow bands. They always got a kick out of me.

Thought Two: After seeing the orthodontist, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items. Without really giving it a lot of thought, these were among the items I bought…..

sleep aids

I wondered why instead of saying, “Have a nice day,” the clerk said, “Just say no to drugs.”

It’s not that I don’t sleep, it’s just that I don’t sleep like a baby. Bill does. He falls asleep almost immediately and wakes up the next morning, having barely moved. He almost never wakes up during the night. On the rare nights when he has to get up once to use the bathroom, he will tell me the next morning, “I slept HORRIBLY last night.” Yeah, right. I keep trying to find ways to sleep as soundly as Bill. One out of three of those items is bound to work.

Thought Three: When I was a little girl, my mom and dad had a subscription to National Geographic. I used to enjoy looking at the pictures, especially when the stories were about the natives of Africa. I would look with a mixture of horror and glee at the photos of the native women, generally bare-breasted with baskets on their heads. But it wasn’t the bare breasts that drew me. It was the large earrings that hung from their ears, sometimes making the earlobes sag all the way to the shoulders. I couldn’t look away.

I’m pretty used to seeing all manner of piercings and tattoos, and they generally don’t bother me. I had barely closed the door after dropping Court off at college his freshmen year when he began a piercing and tattooing extravaganza. Actually, I’m fairly lucky in that he ended up with only one tattoo, a pierced ear, and a pierced tongue (which lasted only two weeks before it fell out and he nearly swallowed the entire thing).

But the things that I simply can’t get used to are the ears with the large holes in which a hollow earring is placed. I stopped at Jimmy John’s this week to pick up a sandwich, and the young man who waited on me could not have been nicer or friendlier. His ears, unfortunately, bore those gigantic holes. I felt like I was once again looking at those native women in the National Geographic magazine. I couldn’t look at him but I couldn’t look away. It is one fashion statement I will never understand…..

pierced ear

Thought Four: One day this week I surprised Kaiya at lunch time by showing up with food from her very favorite place – Panda Express. I had so much fun sitting at the little table with her and watching her interact with her friends. I want to surprise the rest of my grandkids, but I’m afraid I’m going to run out of time. Here is a photo of Kaiya standing underneath the photo of Kaiya that is in her lunchroom….

kaiya in lunchroom

Thought Five: Bill is repairing the cushion from one of Court’s dining room chairs. Here is the tag that is on the fabric….

california ugh

Seriously? California has a state Bureau of Home Furnishings? They REGULATE home furnishings? I’m so very glad I don’t live in California.

I assure you that I had more thoughts than these this week, but blog posts can only go on so long.

3 thoughts on “Some Thursday Thoughts

  1. That sweet smile on Kaiya’s face would melt anyone’s heart.
    When Maggie was teaching and I would spend the day with her one of my fav things was to go with her to pick up her class from the lunch room. I loved watching them chatting with each other while they mostly didn’t eat their lunch!

  2. I cannot understand the giant holes in the ears fad. Do these, mostly kids, really think they are going to want holes in the ears for the rest of their lives? Cause that’s going to look great when they’re 40. I saw a woman without the plug at the grocery store and it kind of made me sick.

    • That’s the thing that gets to me. Piercings will normally close up or at least become unnoticeable over the years. That big hole ain’t going anywhere. Yuck.

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