Sixty-One Spanks

The other day I was driving in my car with Kaiya and Mylee. Out of the blue, Kaiya said to me, “Nana, your birthday is Sunday. How old are you going to be?”

“I know it is,” I confirmed. “I’m going to be 61 years old,” I said, waiting for the horrified gasp.

It didn’t come. Instead, after a few moments of silence, she asked, “Nana, do grown- ups have birthday parties?”

I explained that most grown-ups didn’t have parties in the same way that kids do, but I told her I usually gathered together with my family for my birthday and that’s what makes me happy. I reminded her of my 60th birthday party last year at which a personal chef came in and prepared an Italian feast, and the grandkids helped make the pasta and the meatballs. Ah yes. She remembered that celebration very well.

Well, one’s 61st birthday isn’t quite the landmark birthday that the 60th is, but I must say I couldn’t have had a better day. Especially when you’re turning 61 and your idea of a perfect day includes your family – especially grandkids.

Well, except for the part about my yellow bug simply refusing to start – no matter how much I shook and rattled the cables. That means another call to my friends at AAA today. I will have to invite them to my 62nd birthday celebration if my car problems keep up.

Bill – in a perfect Bill manner – woke me up at 5:45, by saying, “Kris, are you awake?” I was now. “Can I give you your present?”

crucifixIt was the beautiful silver crucifix that he and I had picked out last week. I thought it was to be my Christmas gift, but he surprised me by giving it to me for my birthday. That probably doesn’t bode well for Christmas.

The car not starting didn’t put much of a damper on our day. Bill and I walked over to Dave and Jll’s just as the sun was rising and the snow was beginning to fall. Dave prepared a perfectly wonderful breakfast of eggs benedict. The kids gave me their handmade card – the very best kind, and it included lots of hearts and X’s and O’s.

I received a Facetime call from the grandkids in Vermont and was able to listen to a birthday serenade that included the always-a-hit “Happy birdle dirdle toodle yoodle doodle.” Lots of giggles.

singing mclains 2014

Alastair’s in the back wearing the black sweater, Dagny and Magnolia are in matching dresses, and Adelaide is playing the xylophone.

The morning concluded with a church service at which we listened to the children’s choir that included the four McLain kids singing a beautiful wintertime hymn.

But my day didn’t end there. It couldn’t, because the Broncos were playing at 2 o’clock, and Court and Alyx and the kids were hosting a gathering that included my sister Jen, my nephew BJ, and his girlfriend

This is how you celebrate when you are the father of two little girls.

This is how you celebrate when you are the father of two little girls.

Page. Jen served antipasto followed by baked ziti and chicken saltimbocca. Court and the girls made my birthday cake – chocolate marble, which Kaiya insisted I would love. I did.

And furthermore, in my honor, the Broncos won. Ugly, but they won. Peyton was feeling poorly, as my grandmother would have said. Apparently you don’t throw well when you have the flu. I couldn’t complain much because I don’t even get out of bed when I have the flu. Anyway, a win is a win, and the Broncos won their division as a birthday gift to me.

What with all of my Facebook birthday greetings and actual real-life birthday greetings from my family who couldn’t be with me, I felt loved.

So Kaiya, while there might not have been party favors and games, my birthday celebration was exactly what I hoped it would be.

Thanks to all of my family for a wonderful day.

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  1. Love your crucifix. I didn’t even ask what Bill had given you. Court appears to be wearing “party favors”!

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