Saturday Smile: Water Restrictions

water and iceThe water in the Phoenix metro area is nasty. There’s no other way to put it. It’s Colorado River water, but by time it rolls through the Colorado mountains and down to the Valley of the Sun, it has collected enough minerals to make the water virtually undrinkable. By the way, the sure sign that a restaurant is serving water out of the tap is the tell-tale lemon slice, which simply makes water taste like lemon-flavored nastiness.

Anyhoo, because the water is nasty, people make arrangements other than drinking from the tap. One possibility, which Bill and I employ, is purchasing water from one of the many water stores around the area. These stores sell water and ice, and go by the clever name of Water & Ice Store. We have been getting our water at a Water & Ice not far from our house.

We bought water from that store when we got here three weeks ago, but were nearly out. So we moseyed down to our friendly neighborhood Water & Ice Store only to be greeted with a sign which told us that they were out of water.

Call me simple, but it seems as though when you only sell two things, it is a sad state of affairs to be out of one of those things. That’s half your inventory, my friends. It’s kind of like going to a Toys R Us store only to be told that they are out of toys, or eagerly entering a Buffalo Wild Wings and learning that they are clear out of wings tonight.

Luckily we had beer and wine at home.

Have a good weekend.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Water Restrictions

  1. Yikes! I drank quite a bit of your water while visiting. I didn’t know a water shortage was looming! ☔️

    • It is clever, isn’t it? And weren’t we lucky to have the hootch at home to make up for the lack of water? After all, gin is clear; water is clear. What’s the difference?

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