Vote Early and Often

searchI cast my first vote in the presidential election of 1972. I was 18. I have voted in every election ever since.

Seriously. Every election. President. Congressperson. Senator. State Legislator. Mayor. School Board. Dog Catcher. Well, not dog catcher.

I have voted absentee. I have cast ballots in curtain-covered election booths. I’ve mailed in my ballot.

I’ve worked on campaigns. I’ve handed out literature. I’ve voted in primaries.  I’ve posted yard signs. I’ve been a representative at our state convention.

I believe in the election process. Always have. Always will.

But I am thoroughly and entirely sick of this year’s election. Well, not really the election; the campaign ads. All of them. Republican. Democrat. It doesn’t matter. They are all the same. Annoying.campaign ads

The “bad guy” in the ad looks devious, sickly, evil, demonic and red-eyed. The “good guy” is handsome/beautiful, smiling, patriotic, and accompanied by music seemingly provided by angels.

Sick of them all. My only blessing is that we were able to leave Colorado a week-and-a-half ago so that we are at least hearing NEW terrible campaign ads here in Arizona.

In Colorado, there is apparently only one issue – whether or not a candidate is or isn’t supportive of abortion. I couldn’t possibly find that more annoying or more offensive in this time when there are also so many OTHER really important issues. Please give women some credit. (That annoys me as much as the IPhone commercial where the women scream until they break all of the glass in the room. I don’t think women scream when they get excited. But that’s a post for another day…..)

Every once in a while, my sister Jen will send me a text in which she states, “Just in case you’ve forgotten, (fill in the blank) is still too extreme for Colorado.”

Believe me, it is seared in my memory. Sick of them.

The ads started really early this year. I think earlier than usual. Bec visited us in July, and I remember talking with her about the ads. Seriously. July. No wonder I’m sick of them.

I imagine lots of research has been conducted on the importance of campaign ads, and I assume they do some good because certainly a lot of money is spent on them. It’s a shame that some of our often-uneducated population uses these ads to make their voting decisions. Not just sad; scary.

But, my friends, Election Day is tomorrow, and I hope and pray that those elected are honest, hard-working, and willing to stand up and let their conscience (and the hopes of those who voted for them) prevail. I am proud of our election process even with its inevitable flaws. We have the best system in the world, despite the commercials.

Don’t forget to vote, if you haven’t already done so. God bless America!

5 thoughts on “Vote Early and Often

  1. I dislike the political TV ads and the fistful of flyers that come n the mail daily with a passion. The candidates advertising needs to change and give viewers real information. One more day…….

  2. Oh, and don’t forget the phone calls. Blessedly, they haven’t found my cell phone number, but Erik and Josey’s land line has been ringing non-stop.
    I believe that, despite many moves, I also have never missed voting.

  3. We are cursed to live on the state line, so our media markets cover two state’s elections. Twice as many garbage ads! Our Congressional election is really close, so the big national money has made it particularly ugly. We get daily calls from Josh the recording wanting to ask us a few questions about the election. We get a minimum of ten mailers a day which go straight to recycling. Formerly, I enjoyed the political give- and-take. No more! I always vote and all this media has nothing to do with how I vote.

    • I can’t imagine that anyone makes a decision based on the television ads and the mailers, but some must because they keep on coming. Oh well, all over tomorrow. God help us all.

  4. I know. Spare me. And, BTW, I mailed in my ballot last week and it’s probably being counted as we speak. There’s one for our side!!!

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