Pumpkin Picking

lilly austinHalloween – if you’re not being inundated by pumpkin frappes or pumpkin chili or cinnamon pumpkin body wash, you are being surrounded by pumpkins at a pumpkin patch.

Despite my 10 grandkids, I have never taken a single one to a pumpkin patch. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a pumpkin patch. We always got our pumpkin from the grocery store. A day or so before Halloween, we would carve it. Nowadays you see elaborate carvings of haunted houses or zombies. Not ours. Two triangles for the eyes, an upside down triangle for the nose, and a mouth with a few teeth. That was as creative as we ever got.

And when I say “we”, I’m talking about me growing up as well as my poor son growing up. Court also never had a clever costume since I haven’t a clever bone in my body. Nor can I even turn on a sewing machine or a glue gun. I remember one year when he was in grade school, the kids wore their costumes to school. All of the kids had very clever costumes. I remember one of the kids was a fork. It involved a cardboard and duct tape. Trust me. It was awesome.

Court, I’m sure, was Spiderman or Superman with a costume ready to go up in flames at the drop of a match and a plastic mask held into place by a flimsy piece of elastic. I’m lucky he’s not an axe murderer given his deprived childhood.

Anyhoo, back to the pumpkin patch. Yesterday I went to my first pumpkin patch, accompanying my niece Maggie and her kids, 4-year-old Austin and 9-month-old Lilly. We had ourselves some fun. Our afternoon included a hay ride, a careful and intensive process to select a pumpkin, feeding some goats (well, except that we didn’t spring for the dollar bag of carrots, so feeding meant simply sticking hay through the

Pre-first-spill, and so far, no flies.

Pre-first-spill, and so far, no flies.

fence; the goats weren’t impressed), a hay bale maze which Austin went through so many times that he could probably have done it with his eyes closed), and the inevitable snow cone.

Now, I must digress for a moment to discuss the snow cone. As my sister Bec pointed out the other day, has anyone really ever had a full-out positive

experience with a snow cone? It’s always a disappointment. Something happens. Too much ice. Too much syrup. Not enough syrup. It spills. It gets dropped on the ground. There’s general disappointment that you didn’t select the cotton candy instead. Yesterday’s snow cone involved not one, but two spills. That didn’t seem to deter Austin one single bit. For Austin, the deal breaker was the flies it attracted.

But the jumping castle more than made up for it. And by the end of the day, he was timed at going through the maze in a zippy 55 seconds.

Lilly just didn’t get what all the excitement was about.

Here’s what it was about, Lilly…..

hay ride

Getting ready for the hay ride. Lilly looks nervous.


"You've got to be kidding me with the hay, kid. Where's the carrots, you cheapskate?"

“You’ve got to be kidding me with the hay, kid. Where’s the carrots, you cheapskate?”


Which one shall I choose?

Which one shall I choose?



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  1. I love those kids! Thanks for this post, sis. I like how Austin is standing a safe distance from the goat to try to lure him into tasting the hay!

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