Saturday Smile: Tiny Stoplights

Having all of these grandkids, I can’t help but be exposed to some of the funniest conversations. I love witnessing the world from their perspectives.

Being 4, and simply being a funny, funny little girl, Mylee’s take on situations often makes me laugh..

Mylee FerarriShe and I were returning from Panda Express last Saturday with lunch. I was in a hurry to get the food home while it was still reasonably hot. So when we got stuck at a stoplight with a no-turn-on-red-arrow, I was frustrated that the green arrow only lasted a few seconds. We sat at the light for a good while.

In my frustration, I finally said aloud, “Why is that arrow so short?”search

The rest of the trip home, Mylee kept saying, “Nana, why is that arrow so small? That arrow needs to be bigger.”

It took me a bit to understand what she meant. Apparently in Mylee’s eyes, short equals small.

Have a great weekend.






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