Saturday Smile: Happy Birthday, Mom

Mom and Court

Mom and Court, circa 1987, in her kitchen in Dillon, Colorado. I’ve always loved this photo because the looks on their faces are the same — not happy to get their picture taken. I wish I could remember what they were doing….

This past Tuesday was my mom’s birthday. She would have been 88 years old. Nearly impossible to think that she has been in heaven almost 20 years. I love to think about what she would look like had she lived. She was so petite and pretty, so conscious of always looking her best. I think she would have been beautiful still.

When my sibs and I reminisce about life with Mom, we often talk about how she was very no-nonsense (which she was). However, our grandkids are often surprised to hear this as the Nana they knew was funny and loving and clearly adored her grandkids. Their perception is not wrong. I have already talked at length in this blog that we are different with our grandkids than we were with our kids as they were growing up.

Mom and Dad had nine grandchildren, and to date, there are 14 great grands, with one on the way. They would adore every single one of them. But since this is my Saturday Smile, I have to offer you something that will make you smile. Here are photos of Mom’s and Dad’s three youngest great grands….


Faith Naomi


Lilliana Marie Eve


Cole Jonathan


One other quick thing. As part of my apple and pear extravaganza, I made an apple pie that was delicious. I mention it because it was somewhat different than apple pies I have made in the past. The biggest difference is that you cook the apples before you put them in the pie to bake. The reason for this is that if you pile up the apples without cooking them down a bit, and then lay the crust over the pile of apples, the fruit will cook down and you will have a funny shaped pie. This way, the apples are already cooked down and the pastry lies over them, making a perfect pie.

Here is the link to the recipe and a picture of the final result. A-YUM!

apple pie

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I miss Nana so much!! I’m happy to know she’s with us everyday! It makes me happy that I could honor Nana by including Eve in Lilly’s middle name:) btw Aunt Kris looks just like her:)

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