Saturday Smile: Princesspalooza

A picture is worth a thousand words……

coloring with mylee 9.14

Papa coloring Sleeping Beauty. Who would have ever thought?

By the way, Mylee was quite put out that Papa was coloring Sleeping Beauty’s dress green. I tried to explain that as an artist, one could use one’s imagination and choose any colors you want. It was a no-go. Sleeping Beauty’s dress is blue. So I finally convinced her that Sleeping Beauty’s blue dress was in the laundry and she had to wear her green dress in the meantime.

Have a good weekend.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Princesspalooza

  1. Reminds me of the first time Reinie and I visited my kids on South Dakota. Isaiah, who was home schooled, asked Reinie if he’d like to play “School”. Reinie, being the new Grandpa in the family, and wanting to make a good impression. Said “sure!”. Well, Isaiah proceeded to explain how he thought Reinie could do a better job staying in the lines. When Reinie didn’t do it to suit this six year old, he ordered Reinie to go in the school room and “get some more paper” with a sigh of impatience. About that time Mom stepped in.
    The next time Isaiah asked Reinie to play ” school” , I think I heard him mutter under his breath, heck no! Still makes me laugh.

  2. The brown bottle was the first thing I noticed!! Drinking and coloring go hand in hand:) well at least according to Bill McLain.

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