Saturday Smile: Parenting Ain’t for Wimps

This past week Bill and I were the primary caregivers for Alastair, Dagny, and Magnolia, while their parents enjoyed time away. It went well, but as I’ve said before, parenting really should be left to the young. I, thankfully, managed to keep them all alive, got them to school on time each day with their backpacks and a lunch, picked them up on time, fed them, helped with homework, and got them to bed. Did I do it with ease and grace? Oh. Hell. No. But I had the time of my life!

Here are some photos that remind me that being a grandmother is the best job of my life….


alastair steak n shake


Dagny and Nana

Dagny and Nana

maggie steak n shake

Maggie Faith


And a bonus photo….


Cole Jonathan at 4 months.

Cole Jonathan at 4 months.

Have a good weekend.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Parenting Ain’t for Wimps

    • Addie wasn’t with us this week. She stayed at home with mother’s cousin who is living with them for awhile. We were at Steak n Shake. Bill learned that they had never been and felt the need to rectify that situation.

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