Saturday Smile: Chicago-Sized

Bill and I are visiting his mother in Chicago. The other day we went to Bill’s favorite pizza restaurant (and believe me, there are a lot from which to choose). The young woman who was our server came to take our order.

“A garbage salad,” I said, which is a wonderful, but HUGE salad that is plenty for three or four. “And a large sausage thin-crust pizza.”

I, of course, was ordering for both of us, knowing there would actually be enough to take some home to Bill’s mom.

“Very good,” said our server pleasantly. “And what would you like, Sir?”

If what I ordered is considered a single portion, it’s no wonder I see so many overweight people as I look around!



It was delicious, and plenty for all of us! By the way, you can see how big the pizza is if you look at the wine glass next to it.

Have a great weekend.

One thought on “Saturday Smile: Chicago-Sized

  1. I had Oreganos pizza for lunch so I’m good on pizza but I want some of that salad! P.S. Austin is sitting next to me as I write this and he asked me to write his name. Austin.

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