Looking at Life from 18 Wheels: Even God’s a Football Fan

36524_10200242706613215_2031204608_nBy Bob B.

This week I have driven from North Platte, NE, up to Bismarck and Minot, ND, and it occurred to me that it was only 3.5 months ago spring was trying real hard to blossom but we were still dealing with snow and freezing temperatures. Since then, spring arrived in all its glory and has since matured into a wonderful summer in spite of the frequent thunderstorms which have their own kind of beauty.

As I was driving this week I noticed how prevalent the color golden yellow is in nature. As far as I could see, rolling hills were covered with the bright yellow of flowering ragweed accenting the green of the prairie grass and occasional tree. It made me think of how as spring emerged, so did the the wild daffodils with their refreshing yellow blooms reaching up from the tender mat of new grass announcing the change from winter. Next came the golden yellow carpet of billions of dandelions over the darkening green of the stronger grass below. The dandelions have given way to the yellow daisies and wild yellow snapdragons lining the roads and highways. Soon, the brilliant yellow of sunflowers and golden yellow of mature corn will dominate the dark green fields of corn and sunflower stalks.

I realized that there is a progression of intensity of the colors green and golden yellow as spring becomes summer and summer becomes fall. This realization made me wonder why Mother Nature so liked green and gold among all her other wonders and it led me to the one obvious conclusion: God must be a Green Bay Packer fan! Go Packers!

Nana’s Note: Let it be known that Nana’s Whimsies doesn’t necessarily support Bob’s hypothesis. After all, the beautiful orange and blue sunsets prevalent in the west and midwest indicate the probability that he is a Bronco’s fan.

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