Saturday Smile: Parkinson’s Schmarkinsons

The most poetical thing in the world is not being sick. G.K. Chesterton

Bill doesn’t let a little thing like Parkinson’s stop him. Never has. Never will.

And this week we had some great news. The “cocktail” of medications of which he partakes is doing its job – in fact, overachieving. At Bill’s semiannual checkup, he measured absolutely symptom-free. No symptoms. None. In fact, he was told that if he was standing in line next to a neurologist, that doctor who specializes in movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease would not be able to tell that Bill has PD.

We can’t look into the future (thank goodness), but every day that Bill has no symptoms is a gift from God.

I also have one funny Bill story that made me smile.

The other day I picked a bouquet of iris from my yard, deciding I wanted to enjoy them before they went away for the year. I did, in fact, enjoy their beauty and heady (very heady) aroma for several days. I had them sitting in the middle of my kitchen table. At some point, the flowers got in the way of Bill and I having a conversation, so I moved them over to the bookshelf next to the kitchen wall. There they sat for several days.

Aren’t they pretty?


When their ability to please me was over, I picked up the vase to throw away the flowers, and noticed that the purple flowers had left a very large, very purple stain on my yellow kitchen wall. I tried to clean it myself, but all I was able to do was smear the stain around, leaving it even more unsightly. Bill was at the baseball game that evening, so I simply left it and went upstairs to bed, figuring it was going to require a paint job. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the stain.

When he got home, I mentioned the stain to him. Before I knew it, he was downstairs. I could hear him bustling around, but fell asleep before he was finished.

The next morning I came downstairs and noticed the stain, while not completelyfaded stain gone, was so very faint that it can barely be seen. When Bill got up, I asked him what he used to clean the stubborn spot.

“Everything,” he said. Everything? What does that mean?

“The brass cleaner didn’t really do too much, “he went on, “but the oven cleaner worked pretty well.”

I thought he was kidding. No. Turns out he tried:

Oven cleaner

Brass cleaner


Zep Heavy Duty Cleaner


Kaboom shower and tub cleaner

The man was busy. He truly is the Energizer Bunny.



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  1. I have never met your husband, but I am so happy that the medications are working so well. Congratulations!!

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