Saturday Smile: Thank Heavens For Little Girls

I have two smiles today (though I PROMISE you I smiled more than twice this week).

MFM spoonsFirst of all, six years ago yesterday, our little Magnolia Faith was born. Bill and I were on our big adventure, and we were in Arles, France, when we got word of the birth. I remember sitting on the patio of the café which was the inspiration for Van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night and talking to our daughter-in-law on the telephone, getting all of the details. It is a memory I will never forget (and it was very difficult to wait almost three months to hold little photo (32)Maggie). This bright shining star with her grown-up vocabulary and breath-taking smile has brought us six years of joy. Many, many more to come!

Smile Number Two involves Kaiya and Mylee, with whom I have spent a considerable amount of time this past week to give Mommy a chance to catch up on some zzzzz’s when the baby sleeps since Dad has gone back to work.

We were driving to my house after having picked Kaiya up from school, and somehow (who knows how these conversations start) we began talking about being naughty and time-outs and such. I told them that one time when their daddy was about 3 years old, we were in a 7-Eleven and we bought him a Slurpee. He didn’t like the flavor we chose and proceeded to throw it down onto the ground.

“Well,” I told the girls, “that didn’t fly with his daddy and me. Your dad got into a lot of trouble that day.”

Their response? Not a bit of concern about their dad’s punishment……

“What flavor was it? What flavors did they have? What flavor did he want? Did he like Slurpees?”

I then told them about a time when I was naughty.

“I once threw a burrito at Papa because I got mad at him,” I said.

Mylee’s immediate response?

“Did you fix yourself another burrito?”

I love to see the world through the eyes of kids.

Have a good weekend.

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